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Going to go traveling around OZ and NZ for about 5 months starting in October. I am notoriously an over packer so trying to work out in my head what to bring in my pack for that length of time.

So the question is...Should I bring a sleeping bag with me?

I plan on doing some day hikes but mainly staying in hostels and friends places while I am there. I wouldn't mind doing a proper backpacking trip for a few days while i am there but was thinking i could borrow or rent a sleeping bag. Just don't want to take up precious space for something I don't really need.

what do you think?

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Most hostels provide linen (YHA and several others not even allowing sleeping bags, because of bed bugs), so generally speaking you should be fine without. (Make certain to check up on this when staying at independent hostels though.) However, I personally was really glad I did continue to carry around my sleeping bad when I was invited for an imprompty camping trip at one point.

I guess it mostly depends on how much in advance you think you'll be planning the few parts of the trip during which a sleeping bag would be good, and if you'll be in locations where you could easily rent one.

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you are coming into the summer months I would not worry about a sleeping bag, borrow or pay for linen when you are travelling. Pack less, swimmers, shorts shirts jumper and jeans. You can always pick up clothing cheap at markets/shopping centres.. I do the same always pack too much. I mostly take a couple of each thing as most of my suitcase is not worn due to me buying cheap bargins along the way..
Hope it helped

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This may go without saying, but bring (or buy in OZ)a wide brim hat. The sun is bad and in fact I've been told that one of the largest holes in the ozone layer is sadly right above OZ. And sunscreen of course.

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Hey Sarah, I think I will have the same problem! I am leaving for singapore/oz/nz in october and I always over pack. But just think, the less you bring the more you can shop! I don't know about japan, but the exchange rate is pretty good right now for Canada so it's like getting stuff on sale without even trying! Also, If you find yourself with clothing you just don't need down there, and you can part with it, donate it to charity! they will find someone who can use it and your luggage will be lighter. All in all good karma.
p.s. I am bringing my sleeping bag for NZ but I will be storing it in sydney for wheN i am in OZ so I don't have to carry it! ( it's cheap and convenient)

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hey. I was in oz in june and july. Every hostel i stayed n had linen so no need for a sleeping bag there, also a lot of hostels dont like u providing your own sleeping bag as this brings with it the risk of bed bugs. What i would say is that i managed to buy a decent camping sleeping bag for less than ten british pounds in an army surplus store in Brisbane. So my advice would be dont bring one as if you need to get one when youre over there they are cheap as chips if u shop around!