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Hi there,

Well going in 13 days!!!! We will land in London and spend the night there. Next day we are going to Paris for basically 3.5-4 days. Then to Rome for the same amount. Then we are off to Venice for 3 days then back to london for a night. We plan on spending between the 2 of us around 70 euros a day. I want this to include train(in city underground) food, and sights. Ive looked at sight costs and it wont cost much for the whole trip. Food we plan on eating at one nice restaurant a day. Our hotels are gonna be around 1000 bucks for the whole trip which we have on our mastercard already. So basically we need to pay for trains in city,food,sights, and souveniers etc. Our eurail we have paid for already. So do you guys think if we bring 70 euros a day that we can enjoy it?? Also any other budget tip would be awesome. I am travelling with my wife.

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Hi there,

If I understood you right, your accommodation and train tickets are already paid? right? Then I think you have already coverd the biggest expenses. You might want to get a Paris visite card (3 days, 20 EUR,for central public transportation). It might be a bit on the tight side though, because eating out in a nice restaurant can easily cost you EUR 20 each. Then you would only have 30 EUR for entrance fees, lunch, sometimes breakfast, snacks etc....

I hope I'm right on this...


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Thanks alot for the help so far. We plan on getting a few snacks for the day at supermarkets or wherever and still only eating out once or so. I guess it will depend on how much we spent during the day on other stuff. Breakfast is included in most of our hostels(i know its not much but its something,dried bread,lol).

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I just now the entrance fees in Italy (Florence and Rom), they charged quit a bit for churches and I did not go into the Collosseum because they wanted a lot for it...don't forget that when calculating you budget...and in London, public transportation is soo expensive, 3 pound (ca. 5 EUR) for a single trip (get London travel card, about 11 EUR a day)

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this reply may be too late but 2 of us have just returned from 6 weeks in Europe on a budget of 20-40 euros /day for the 2 of us. Buy a Carte Orange card in Paris for 5 days for only 16euros, eat like the locals with a pastry for brekky and a baguette with ham, cheese, salad etc bought from a supermarket for lunch, 1st Sunday of month has free museum entry in many European cities; budget for things like mobile phone credit or that unexpected illness which you need to buy something from a chemist for. Otherwise, use the steps to get to the top of tourist sites (cheaper than a lift) and if you stand up to have your pastry and coffee it is a lot cheaper than sitting down! Walk a lot around each city and visit non tourist suburban areas for authentic food and locals and to get away from other tourists, beggars, hawkers etc.

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Hello Stayhungry
With as much money as u are planning to spend, i would feel like i was travelling in luxery. U will easily be able afford Europe with just about no hardship.
If i was travelling around Europe, i would have a budget of 30 to 50 euros per day, and this would be for, accomodation, food, travel, and everything else.