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1. Posted by Blossy (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning on travelling next year (setting off april time) the thing is i want to go EVERYWHERE and have no idea where to even start! I think I'll just list my questions as a travel novice and if anyone can answer any of them just post back :) I know some of these questions will sound daft and I'm looking into them myself after I post this, but any information/help would be gratefully received. Many thanks!

1) Is it best to get a RTW ticket or just buy the first flight and see how you go.. I'm not the most organised of people and wouldn't want to be tied to set dates of having to go places but don't like to think I'd be stuck somewhere either.

2) Is a year too long? And, is it better to try and cram everything you want to see into the one trip or maybe see less places but really get to know them? I've travelled round europe for a couple of months with my family and we found that a couple of days in each place before moving on was plenty.. but there will be much more to take in on world trip I imagine.

3) I intend to travel alone... (i'm a 20 year old female).. Is there anywhere I really should avoid on my own.. and how easy is it to meet other people travelling to the same place? Has anyone ever used the internet etc to find people to travel with? is THAT safe?

4) Money and cost.. I dont have a specififc question but can anyone give me an idea of how much money is needed. maybe a "so much a month" type thing not including flights.. Or does it hugely depend on where you are? I know that sounds a bit daft.. Cheapest/Priciest places to travel maybe?

I'll leave it there for now I have a hundred other questions but tose should get me started!!!:)

Thank you, Blossom XXX

2. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

1) I think it is a good idea to buy a RTW ticket - it's usually not expensive to change the dates anyway, and the chances are it'll be a lot cheaper than buying a stack of singles.

2) A year probably isn't too long depending on what you do - staying longer in countries and working/volunteering/whatever will make a longer stay more involving - theres a possibility that you might get sick of sightseeing and partying if you try to keep going for a year. Most people seem to agree that it's more fulfilling to get to know a country in depth than to just dip into it.

3) Some places - probably not that many - are probably best travelled with someone else if you're a lone female, though it depends somewhat on how adept you are at handling difficult situations. I'm a bloke btw so what do I know? I think probably the best thing to do is look at foreign office advice and decide for youself on each country.

4) I took £1000 per month on my big RTW trip and spent it. You could definitely get away with less though.

3. Posted by holybinch (Budding Member 35 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

As a starting point/beginners guide, i can recommend the rough guide special first time around the world.
Plenty of informations and ideas to make up your mind about the when/where/how.

Best of luck for your planning and the trip :)

4. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


1) People are split 50-50. I've done bought a RTW ticket, but then I don't fly anyway... Some prefer the flexibility of making it up as you go along, others want some kind of framework, and it can work out cheaper that way. I always make it up as I go along, which means i have complete flexibility.


And, is it better to try and cram everything you want to see into the one trip or maybe see less places but really get to know them?

The later, definitely. There will (probably) be otehr trips. You can not see the whole world in a year [physically, you can visit every country, but you don't see much or experience much]. Pick a few "must see's" for your year, and then take time to explore and get to know places. You always know when it's time to move on. As for a year being too long, if you've never travelled before, it could be. Some people freak out after a few months, other get to 9 or 10months and start pining for home. others get to a year, and wish they had another 10 years.... Giving yourself a get out clause (somewhere easy to fly back from if it goes wrong, or where you have friends/family) after about 6months or so will give you chance to evaluate. No matter how much some of us love travelling, there are always some who just don't like it or cope with it.

3) The internet is reasonably safe (places like here, or the Thorntree are decent to meet people). In most places you will meet people in hostels, on trains etc and just go with it. I've met up with people i've met online and it's worked fine. If you do arange to meet somebodyu from online, make sure it's flexible, and you both realise that you could split up at any time. Too many people travel with teh wrong people, or for too long, and it spoils their trip & friendships. Have the flexibility to decide to stay somewhere longer or take a different direction.
I would suggest that for your first destination, you pick somewhere relatively touristed (Thailand would be an example) and used to backpackers, to give you an easy start and let you in slowly to the culture shock/life etc.

4. Depends where you go. You can spend as little or much as you like, more or less. I spent 8000gbp in 14months, but hat included everything, and also included really expensive things like 3months in Japan, 2 mad weeks in Hong Kong, 3 weeks in Germany for the football world cup, and a major wedding, all of which were expensive, and probably contributed to about half of my cost for about 4months. Plus i did some mamouth detours for assorted reasons.

Western Europe, Japan etc are very expensive. Australia etc less so. Most of SE Asia , Africa, South America dirt cheap.

5. Posted by andymoore (Respected Member 24 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Blossy,

thought I´d stick my nose in here, as my better half and I are just over halfway through our RTW trip...

1) Probably best to buy a RTW ticket - you can change the dates of your flights after you start travelling if you need to but be aware that sometimes you may be charged for doing so (although we made major changes to our flight itinerary using LAN Chile in Santiago, and they charged us nothing).

2) We wanted to go everywhere, and we´re finding that a year might be too short - until you get somewhere, you just don´t know how much you´re going to love it and how long you want to stay there. FWIW, we´re already planning our next trip and we haven´t finished this one yet!

3) Some places that we were told weren´t safe have been fine (areas of South Africa, for example). Use plenty of common sense, keep in contact with people, don´t talk to or accept drinks/food/rides from obvious weirdos and you should be fine.

4) We set a weekly budget - in expensive places (Australia, Singapore, Brazil etc) you´ll go over budget but in cheaper places (Thailand, Malaysia) you´ll save and hopefully it´ll even out. OK, so that´s the theory...

Whatever happens Blossy, just do your own thing go out into the world with open eyes and have yourself the time of your life. We did.

Good luck, have fun.

Andy Moore

6. Posted by Clanger (Full Member 201 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I chose 9 places to fly to, and bought a RTW ticket. I travelled across land around SE Asia - Thailand to Laos to Vietnam to Cambodia and back to Thailand (4mths in total), I was away 8mths and wished I'd spent more time in HK and NY than 4 days. I loved being in one place for 3 weeks or more - I felt I got more out of the country/area/culture/meeting people. I took £7k and came home with change. I travelled alone too.

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9. Posted by clny (Budding Member 10 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey Blossy,

I found a really good website for planning an around the world trip. I could try and give you advice but I've never actually done it, I'm only in the very early planning stages myself at the moment.

The website I found that kind of goes through all the different steps is, I may have actually found it through a link on this site, but it kind of covers all the basics about a trip around the world, it might be worth checking out.

As far as money goes I would say it really depends on what you want to do. I went to NZ for a year after high school, I don't remember exactly what I went with but it was at least $5000 and within two months it was all gone!! but then I did just about everything under the sun and it was money well spent. I'd say you can never have too much money when you travel.

Good luck and have fun!

10. Posted by Clanger (Full Member 201 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Ive just noticed Ive already posted here....

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