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okay so i have 11 more sleeps and them in in Europe for my first time ever!!! This is my first time travelling with no parents or whatever. Its just me and my wife:). The part im nervous about is i just want to make sure my wife has the best time of her life and i want to have everything ready and planned to make it that way. I planned every city(London,Paris,Rome,Venice) basically to a tee. Venice i didnt really plan anything cause this is our last place and its her favorite andi want to just enjoy and relax out there. Im worried that well take the wrong train or not be able to find stations etc. This sounds dumb probably but i just want to make sure were ready. If you guys could give me like a detailed list of what to get ready here at home, money currency exchange tips, how trains look and how they run and if they are difficult etc etc etc. I think you guys know what im trying to ask here! I basically want a crash course and EVERYTHING about europe all the tips tricks etc etc safety percautions. This is probably a useless annoying thread but if helped i would just feel so much better. Thanks so much guys for listening to my babbling.


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Hi Joey,
First of all sit down and relax, breath. Stressing yourself about getting in the wrong train, making a detailed list of all the activities and things you have to do is the best way to spoil your holiday.
Travelling means going with the flow, taking your time enjoying the wonder of your world. Taking a coffee at the terrasse of a typical french cafe and watching the parisians. Asking a pint in cockney london pub. Enjoying a pizza in a very narrow street, with clothes hanging outside drying in Italy.

Travelling is like an exam. You did all the research, you know your classics. So Now close the book and enjoy. No reason to stress.

Concerning The must not forget list go to tools on the left side and you can find a pack list there.

Why not going to the off topic area and talking to some crazy people, that works for me.


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OK, Joey, you got me feeling bad for you (plus I can somewhat slightly relate when I started traveling years and years ago) This is what you do. First, pick up the travel books by Rick Steves - he ONLY does Europe, that's his specialty. His books are the holy books of European travel - trust me on this one dude. They're different then all the other ones. Check out his website, or amazon, or your local big book store. The other thing is go see your Dr. and get a script for some Xanax (the white ones - weakest). I'm serious here. Nervousness is gonna cloud up your thinking, you need to calm yourself down. Last, don't TRY to imagine what things are gonna be like cause they won't be, it's pointless. you can't predict all that stuff before hand. Listen to my advice and you'll feel a lot better. Spend the money, take the time, it will be worth it. Zoom' PS. You guys look like a nice couple. I really want you to do this cause it WILL WORK. You should ALWAYS have one or 2 top travel books that you always refer to (take it from someone who's been traveling for decades, does pro travel photography, and has hit about 80 countries so far - some numerous times). Good luck - hope my advice helps....(WATCH OUT FOR PICKPOCKETS, ESPECIALLY IN ITALY. Rick Steves book will tell how NOT to be a victim - IT is the BIG crime in Europe and you will never FEEL it when it's happening to you, they are DAMN good)

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Friend of mine last week lost her backpack full with brand new photo stuff- Canon 5D, 3 top class lenses, tickets etc. by stopping at Coliseum, Rome to take some shots. She put bag between the legs and almost sit on it as she usually shoots from low levels (her style). A guy came across her and asked about bus station (in the middle of hundreds people at that time). She just told "Idunno" and backpack gone. Be careful at crowded places and never keep your cards, cash, travel docs somewhere but purse around neck (hips) UNDER shirt