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Here's what I've got planned so far for my 3-4 month europe trip (my first time):


How does this itinerary look? There's only 13 cities that I've listed and I've got 12-16 weeks. Can anyone suggest other places to visit besides the ones I've listed above? Perhaps I should consider extending my trip to Spain and Portugal? I'd like to spend at least 3 whole days in any one location. Any feedback would be great!

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If you're going to Italy, you really have to check out Cinque Terre! It's a grouping of 5 small villages on the north-west coast of Italy, It's famous for it's 7 hour-long walk in between all of the villages and the beautiful beaches. Well, the private ones are beautiful, but the free ones are well, just there :)

I loved Berlin, simply because of all the WW2 history there (I'm a bit of a WW2 buff). And Nice, in the south of France, was just breathtaking. Plus it's only 20 minutes away from the Monte Carlo Casino!

Also, if you do plan on extending your trip to Spain, I suggest Barcelona for it's arcitechture and San Sebastian (by the French border on the Atlantic) for the beaches and just complete ambience.

So I guess that's my short version of where else to go...look these places up either on here, or on other online sites. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that meets your travelling needs! (lol, that sounded so cheesy!)

Good luck!

Katie ;)

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nice trip - 3 months is about right for what you are doing. My suggestion is see more of each country - why only see Budapest in Hungary - OR Interlakken in Swiss when there are so many great towns and cities in Switzerland to see that are better and less touristy than Interlakken.

And only to see Paris is a shame - try Orleans or maybe the South coast of France.

And in Czech - u should really go to Kahutna Hora and Czesky Kremlov (sp)

Spain n Porto are nice but better save them for another time. I spent a month just in Spain and Portugal last summer and only saw a bit of each it seems.

thats my suggestions.