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Does anybody visited national parks in Asia to see animals like tigers, elephants and rhinos? Or maybe the asian lion?
Where are the best places to see them and what are the odds?

Is the tiger easy to spot in some Indian parks just like I've read/seen?

Thanks, Michael.

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Singapore has a night safari, it's huge! (just in comparison with my poor zoo). Thailand and Malaysia also have.
India may have a giant zoo too( i read in Life of Pi).

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There are still 270 Bengal tigers in the Sunderbans reserve (170 km south of Kolkata in India). The reserve is 2585 km2 so there should be a slight chance to spot one.

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I visited the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari last week. It was -amazing-! Never thougth a zoo could be that kind of experience! We where there for hours. During the daytime, we saw white tigers, lions, fed baby kangaroos, all kinds of primates, pygme hippo, wich is the funniest animal I've ever seen. It can't swim, it's to fat to float, and it gets a sunburn in notime, so it has to stay under water, but it can only hold it's breath for 6 min, som it just tiptoes along the riverbeds back and forth and pushes himself ut over the surface every once in a while!

The park is really huge, and when the dark fell, we were so tired, that we planned to just skip the night safari. I'm SO glad we didn't! It was amazing! However, skip the trams, go by foot! We where just a couple of inches away from a big furry malay tiger! I'm saying it over and over, but it was just amazing! The animals live in their own ecoculture, but some places they have set ut walls of glass so you can get really close.

It's an adventure! Really! I don't bother to list all the animals they had, just go there! I don't think it's posiible to be let down!

Enjoy! ;)

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Well, don't want to sound unthankful, but I did not mean visiting the zoo. I ment national parks, where there should be some fun spotting wildlife, like Wouter (sunderbans) mentioned.
But still thanks.

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Oh, then you should go to Taman Negara in Malaysia! It's a big national park with all you can ask for, even hideouts for spotting tigers, if your lucky! However, don't be disappointed if they don't show up!

I don't know where you're heading from, but buses go from both KL and Kuantan to Jerantut, which lies just outside the reserve and is the parks HQ. From there you go by bus or whatever.

You can go tree top trails on creaky canopys and spend the night in small tree huts, it has something for all! Included bugs and the like, so wear repellent!

Google it for more info!

Have fun;)

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If you visit Indonesia, not very far from Jakarta there's Taman Safari (Safari Park). It's a large park. You can also do night safari, trekking, jacuzzi,... There is a camping area, or you can stay in caravan or bungalow, or just a room. I've been there a few times and I was just there last month. See my blog for my description about the park.