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Greetings to you all,

I think I found the right forum to post this to! :] At least I HOPE! I found this site by searching on google for travel forums. Like many of you, I've been fortunate to see some beautiful places and so some spectacular things. :] I am deeply considering Ireland for the Summer of 2007, and in the meantime I know I have quite a lot of reading/researching to do before I go. The year of 2006 is already going by so fast [here it is almost September already!] I thought if this pace keeps up the best thing I can do is gather the best info I can now before the Summer creeps up on me yet again. :]

A little about me...
I'm an almost 22 year old, young woman who was born/raised and is currently residing in California. I am studying Sports Medicine but would very much like to get into studying international relations/entertainment public relations next Fall. I am living in northern California at the moment temporarily near where I was raised, but I spent the last 3 years in San Diego, enough to call it my home. I have found in my travels that I am somebody [I am sure a lot of you can relate to this] who can be happy in a variety of places, and seemingly make home of just about anywhere I go. For this reason, I think its important for me to expand my horizons and think about maybe living in another country some day for a year or two. I have not yet decided where, but I am open minded.

I look forward to sharing travel tales with you all!

Sending smiles,


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Hi Phirefly and welcome to TP.

Hope to see you around the forums.


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Hi Tiffany!

Welcome to TP!!

Well, you almost found the right forum for your thread. I moved it over here (to Introductions) so you could receive the proper welcomes from our members.

Be sure to visit the Europe Forum for information about Ireland. If you don't find what you are looking for by doing a search, be sure to post your questions. There are several members who will be of great help to you.

Kris (Beerman) and i will be spending 10 days in Ireland this September. It will be my first time to Europe and Kris' first time to Ireland. We are really looking forward to it and have plans to meet several TP members while there. Should prove to be very interesting and a lot of fun!

Good luck with your plans and enjoy your adventures! ;)

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Hi Tiffany

Welcome to TP!!

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Welcome to TP Tiffany!!!

Well, basically what Isadora said......and we'll make sure to post somewhere how we found Ireland (it's easy, just get on a plane and fly east from here....)

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Hye Girl,How you doing...?

I live in England,so if you have any questions,do sure to let me know...Love Ireland...

In the meantime,Bevenido...Darling...

(We use a lot of that word here)

From London

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Hey Tiffany,
Welcome to TP!

You will find plenty of travelers around here to share your stories with.

I lived in San Diego for a few months myself, I just love Cali.

See ya around the forums.