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From Alison KF

A friend and I have booked a small apartment in Canareggio in Venice for the 31st October to 8th November. We know the weather can be problematic, but the apartment is cheap. Any recommendations for unusual things we may not catch in guide books please? We are two old ladies remember. I haven't been to Venice since 1963 and this will be the last time I think. We'd like a recommendation for eating out in Cannaregio along with the few locals that are left.

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Just taking a left (or a right) is still the best way to stumble on unexpected niceties in Venice; there is a very nice booklet about venetian art that may serve as a guide, as soon as I remember the title I'll drop you a message.

have fun, and bring an umbrella (and some rubber boots :-))

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Hi welcome soon to Italy.
This is one of the several answers I intend to send you.
Actually the time of your visit is not the more satisfactory. Yet Venezia is Venezia all the time.Bentivogli is right to suggest you an umbrella and I would add a raincoat

Eating in Venice
In my opinion eating in Venice is fairly expensive. As I go there I use to look for a “trattoria” where to have genuine and cheep food. A trattoria is a small restaurant with a lower - not worst - category. Dishes are less numerous, and often typical local food is coocked.
Consequently prices are lowers. I use to check if there are more local persons than tourists. This doesn' t mean to be nasty toward the state of tourist. It is just to know for certain that the prices are not disproportionate.
In Cannareggio, next the Ghetto and the Station there is a very Venicen trattoria Trattoria ai Quaranta Ladroni were I happened to eat. Fondamenta della Sensa 3253.
It is near the Ghetto and the Station. Here they serve fish, and molluscs. and “polenta dishes” The bill might be about € 20 for a normal meal.
Da Robia Fondamenta della Misericordia 2553 in Cannareggio you might spend more for a
Average meal.
Out Cannareggio, in beautiful Dorsoduro there is Impronta Cafè - San Pantalon 3815
Actually it is a Cafe, yet they serve sandwiches, “pasta” salami and very good wine. The bill might reach 23 €.
In the Arsenale quarter there are cheep and absolutely cheep trattorie where at lunchtime workers go and it. They don't look great, but you can eat real Venicen dishes, such as “Fegato alla Veneziana”

1. There is a possibility that if it rains the phenomenon of “acqua alta” occurring when it rains and the seawater grows It is a small flood a few centimes high. The Municipality puts trestle bridges to walk. A good idea is to have robber boots if acqua acqua occurs. They are very cheap.
2. Venice is a city of arts, its museum and churches are just full with paintings and statues. There is also an exhibition of Tintoretto. going on I have read that at the Museo Diocesano Chiostro di Sant’Apollonia 30122 Venezia, Castello 4312
4. Of course you know there is the Venice Card Pick it up anywhere you arrive to enjoy 1 - 3 - 7 days of unlimited use of public transportation, free access to the 10 Municipal Museums, to the 16 churches of Chorus Association, public toilets.

For the time being I post these small information to you and anyone going to Venice next autumn

Polenta is a peasant dish,made with either coarsely, medium or finely ground dried yellow maiz It is coocked in different way depending on the region and the texture desired.[“ Polenta is is cooked with many v, or cheese o r fish. It can also be cooked with mushurms or other vegetables or meats,

Fegato alla veneziana is Veal chopped liver reasted with chopped onion in a pan

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I found the editor; the book that I mentioned is called "Venice; art and architecture", edited by Könemann Verlag. Although it's a german title, I'm sure there's also an english translation.


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Thank you very much Neils . I shall look in Amazon for the book.

Alison KF