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I'm going somwhere in october or later to South America, starting from Argentina heading anywhere and staying from 4 months up to 2 years if I'll like it.
My plan is not having any too precise, the thing is that I don't have enough money, so I'll try to live on volunteering or little jobs from time to time.
My particularity is a fascination for big cities rather then landscapes (which I won't miss anyway, don't worry ;)

I wonder if anybody of you travellers did something like this, would have any tips, places or contacts, or maybe would like to join me in some pwrt of this adventure. (polish female 23years very graduated :)

cheers chaps!


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don't get your hopes up on finding paid jobs; the employment situation in most of SA is dreadful, so make sure you have a stash of emergency funds somewhere.

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If big cities float your boat then you're going to the right continent! The cities are HUGE!

My favourites were in South America were Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. You can't help but love their energy and diversity!
I was in Santiago for almost 3 months. In the summer it was a great place to be but was a bit depressing in the winter.
I didnt really like Lima too much, but a friend of mine really liked the nightlife and the people there. La Paz is interesting too.

Those are the really big ones I visited! Then, there are all the cities around the continent that dont feel as big. Cordoba was a really nice one that sticks out for me.

I didnt do any myself, but I met a lot of travellers who had worked on various volunteering projects in SA, and really enjoyed their experiences. If you are interested in something different, there's a monkey sanctuary somewhere in the Sierras outside of Cordoba that sounded quite a challenge!

Good luck on your travels! ;)

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Yeah Lima is really interesting city in my view. Also the people are almost embarassingly friendly, for me its a benchmark. Its got a great night life too. Give it a chance I say.

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thanks guys
I know for the jobs, this is really my biggest fear, sure I'll have some emergency cash, but I really hope to be lucky and to manage with the day to day life during a year at least...

Cordoba is a place im thinking of actually, but i won't miss Buenos Aires nor Rio for sure!

see you somwhere in SA


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I just came back from Argentina and stayed for three weeks and in three cities. We first flew to Buenos Aires from Canada. Buenos Aires is a big city with lots of people, but I don't think I liked Buenos Aires as much as I liked Cordoba. We took a bus from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. Cordoba is in the country and has more colonial architecture and history. Also while in Cordoba you can visit smaller villages in the area such as Villa General Belgrano. Later on in our trip we went to Bariloche, which is amazing. The mountains are humongous and if you get the chance to go skiing, definiately go to Cerro Cathedral. When I went skiing in August, we were higher than the clouds. Also, try the chocolate in Bariloche and go to Victoria Island.

I hope if you get the chance to go to Argentina, you enjoy my recommendations.:)