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If you had one month in Asia, where would you go?

Travel Forums Asia If you had one month in Asia, where would you go?

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11. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5655 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Mel.

All of Asia is fascinating.
Right now, if i was going to travel alone, or with another adult, i would choose India. This is because i have not been there, for so long. A visit to India changes a person forever. Takes your mind appart and puts it back in a different way(hope that makes sense. If it doesnt, it probably will, after a visit to India.).
I would also be interested in a visit to Burma. However, i am not sure i feel it is the right thing to do. Because of the people of Burma wanting foreigners to boycott their millitary dictatorship government and prevent them from making money from tourism. But it sure would be an amazing place to visit. If things change politically, i will definately visit.

Do the people themselves want tourists to boycot travelling in the country? Well, there are lots of places you can stay where income goes to the local people. They are much happy to see you and your money, for sure.
Personally, I don't like the boycot thing in Myanmar. Same thing applies to lots of other countries where you don't here anything of boycots for tourists: North Korean, Iran, Syria, Libya, Libanon....the list is long. Actually, those countries are really welcoming tourists so that openmindend people can see the 99% good things of the country, instead of the 1% bad international media attention they have.

But to stick with the topic again: I would go for Myanmar myself, althought I have never been there. Otherwise centralasia: uzbekistan, kazachstan for example.

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12. Posted by Andyroo (Full Member 109 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

one month in asia.. tough one.. ive just got back (last week) from 9 weeks around vietnam, laos, cambodia and thailand.. definietly not long enough!!

But my highlights were.. Vang Vieng in Laos, Kanchanaburi in Thailand, Sapa/Ha Long Bay/ Da Lat in Vietnam and Angkor Wat in Cambodia..

Anymore Q's feel free to message me


13. Posted by naiheqiao (Budding Member 42 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

you like nature scene,so do i.
cos in my hometown most are temples
and observatory and ancient academy,
mountains here are not as nice to see
as southwest china/
i like river and hills very much and so on

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