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What a gr8 site!!! Could you guys tell me the best way (quickest/cheapest or nicest) way to get from Lima to Cuzco - trains, buses, planes? Also, any useful contacts regarding this.

Also, would you recommend going onto the Lake Titicaca from here - do you know whether this can be organised once there and possibily last minute? I understand that there is a 10hr train that follows a scenic route to the Lake. If we have only a couple of days, would this be enough?


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Hello Tobs:
There are two ways to get from Lima to Cusco:
1) Flight: The price starts at 100 US$. It is only 1 hour to Cusco, direct flight.

2) Bus: The price starts at 25 US$. It is 21 hours and people tend to get sick along the ride due to the altitude and the bendy road.

My advice: take the plane.

In regard to lake Titicaca, you have 3 options:
1) Flight: It is only 30 minutes and the price starts at 50 US$.

2) Bus: It takes 6 hours and the price is 13 US$. The sceneries are very nice if you do it at day time.

3) Train: It takes 10 hours and the price is 17 US$. It leaves on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The sceneries are the same as the bus ride because the train tracks and the road go parallel.

My advice: take the bus.

Have a safe trip,

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If you're planning on doing the Macchu Piccu hike, flying from Lima to Cuszco and then hiking is not the greatest idea as you're going from sea level to 2000m+. A lot of people I saw on the trek had to have oxygen administered to them because of altitude sickness.

There should be lots of buses departing from Cusczo to Lake Titicaca. If you're going to go all the way to Lake Titicaca you should go onthe lake itself. I think there are 2 day tours departing from Puno that take in the Uros (Floating Reed Islands) and then you stay a night on Taquile (?) or Amantani with a local family. I recommend it as its a great way to integrate yourself with the culture.

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There's a host of earlier threads on this issue; consult those as well. General comment; responsible travellers should try to minimise their flying. The bus takes longer, but puts a much lesser burden on environment. Plus it lets you adapt to the height more easily.

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Thank you for all your info... I will need more thinking time!

Tobs x

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I need help too! I am traveling to Peru for 8 days in March 2007. I fly into Lima at 4:30am on Tuesday March 27. I looked into flights from Lima to Cusco, the cheapest I can find is $199 with tax. Is that a normal rate? It seems high to me. Also, if I do decide to pay more and book it, there is a 6am flight. Would arriving at 4:30am give me enough time to get through customs, pick up my luggage, and then check in for the next flight?

I've also looked at the bus route that was recommended here. That is much more affordable but I am worried about the time since I don't have much of it. Would it be worth the long bus trip to see all the countryside? I would like to stop at Lake Titicaca too.

All your suggestions are greatly appreciated!