3 English blokes off to Aus Summer o4.. few questions

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We are off to AUs for 8 weeks in Summer o4 from June 26 till aug 20th. and have a few questions..!

After spending a week in sydney with relatives we are travelling up the east coast for 6 weeks. we are flying back from cairns to sydney to finish up with a week in sydney at the end.
1. Do you think this is a good time scale and will we have enough to do in that time. i am positive we will but just checking!
We will be staying with my relatives in sydney for a total of 2 weeks, do you think there will be enough to do there? they live 15 mins from town centre
On the east coast trip, where do you propose we visit in the 6 weeks? we have to end up in Cairns. We will be using the Greyhound Mini Travellers Pass and staying in youth hostels?
2. We are wondering what the nightlife is like on the East coast and also in Youth Hostels. we are quite outgoing and up for a laugh, i presume we will find no problem finding like-minded people. also how easy is it to pick up women???
3. We are just wondering if you need to have a sleeping bag or sheets when you goto the youth hostels?? I presume you will need a sleeping bag..
4. do you think £1500 Sterling will be enough spending money for 8 weeks out there, bearing in mind 2 will be at my relatives which will be a lot cheaper.

Sorry about all the questions!.

Thanks for your help

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Ok brief answers to your q's-

1. In my opinion 2 weeks is a decent time to spend in Sydney. It is Australia's biggest city after all so if you get bored there in that amount of time you're pretty much buggered for the rest of the country! You can always go on day-trips to areas around Syd too to break things up a bit.

2. The social life in youth hostels around Aus generally seems to be pretty good from all accounts! My experience has always been great and I found it dead easy to make friends there. The nightlife diminishes dramatically after Sydney so make sure you have all your big nights there. After that, the Gold Coast has a pretty good night scene. Brisbane (where I'm from) generally has a bed time of 11pm. Sad I know :( I wouldn't expect women in Australia to be much harder/easier to pick up than anywhere else in the world!

3. Generally hostels don't allow you to bring your own sleeping bag so don't bother lugging them along. They don't want bed-bugs or anything carried in so they supply linen.

4. I think you're absolutely stashed for Aus! Stop by in Bris and buy me and my poor Australian dollar a drink when you're out here!


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Here's what I reckon:

1. Time scale, no problem. Two weeks is enough time to see Sydney. I propose you visit Port Stephens (Nelson Bay), Byron Bay, and the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise), also Noosa Heads.

2. If you guys are up for a laugh and a good time, then nightlife shouldn't be a problem. Particularly in Sydney, Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise.

3.No idea.

4. Depends how much you drink!

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two weeks is a good ammount of time to spend in sydney. there is so much good stuff to do here i cant imagine anyone getting bored. its a pity you'll be here in the middle of winter though. try and get out of Bondi/Kings Cross while you're here. hte Blue mountains are gorgeous in winter, so is the hunter valley and they're not too far away. the immediate south of Sydney, StanwellPark-Scarbourough down to Wollongong is a beautiful drive with nice little pubs etc on the way. THere are whales swimming down the coast: if you are lucky enough they may even enter the harbour!! A whale flicking its gigantic tail under the HArbour Bridge is an unforgettable sight.
Your are going to cairns at the perfect time of year. There are no box jellyfish around, so swimming wont be a problem, and you must go snorkelling out on the reef.
As for picking up chicks, there is nothing the Australian girl hates more than a pissed brit lad. i mean who really wants to go back to the dorm? Having said that, there is nothing nicer than meeting nice english blokes. I suspect however, that you wont have too many problems....
£1500 is about $4000 so you should be fine!!

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You should definitely go to Tully for Rafting with "Raging Thunder". This is really fun! :)
Because Tully is hard to reach if you haven´t got a car, they offer pickup in Cairns.