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I'm currently travelling around asia and looking for the perfect way to finish off my trip... i'm hoping to do new zealand in feb or march 07...

i have only just started looking at it so i have a couple of questions

firstly i know the south island is meant to be the one to concentrate on so i was wondering about just hiring a campervan for the south island and just hitting a few of the main spots in the north island by bus?? if i got a flexi pass would this be feasible? or would you say hire the campervan longer and do the north island that way? would it work out cheaper in the long run?

also im trying to get a reasonable price flight to either christchurch or auckland and so far have only managed to come up with 931gpb for two people which is pretty expensive! that was with singapore airlines and i would be looking to fly from either bangkok, kl or spore, so any advice on flights would be helpful...

jet star asia keep saying no flights available and they are the only budget airlines that i know of to nz...

thats for starters, i'd appreicate any help and advice and no doubt ill be back asking more questions soon

steph x

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You can get almost anywhere you want to in New Zealand by bus, so the Flexipass (or Travelpass, which works out cheaper for fewer trips over longer distances) is a very good option; I did nearly all my travelling through New Zealand by bus. The one thing you'll miss is the ability to just stop randomly at the side of the road to marvel at the view; having your own transport is indeed very good for that. :)
I'd personally stay away from campervans - especially that time of year (high season), they're so expensive that it's pretty much cheaper to just rent a small car and stay in hostels, and it's much easier to get up the passes on the South Island in a car, too!
If you do opt to travel by car or campervan in the north, make certain to look for a company which'll let you drop off one in Picton and pick up a new one in Wellington so you won't have the costs of taking it on to the ferry.

Don't know about flights from there, I'm afraid.

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Budget Airlines currently operating on the Tasman ( OZ / NZ ) are Freedom air (Air New Zealand ) Jet Star (Qantas ) Pacific Blue (Virgin) Plus the full service airlines ie Air New Zealand Qantas & lots of others as you can see there is lots of compatition Some times Emiretes have some very cheap fairs. By the way the airlines in brackets are the parent companys. If your flying from Asia to NZ direct there is MAS out of KL or Singapore airlines I got a Auckland / KL return ticket with MAS for $1300 NZD a lot less than 900 gbp, the cheapest option would probably be Jet star (oz) TO OZ then trans tasman. Enjoy your stay in NZ

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If I remember correctly Singapore Airlines is the only direct option from Singapore, although if you're stopping in Australia you'll have more choices...

We did the South Island in 9 days by bus (not enough time, sigh) and it was great. But driving either car or camper seems to be a popular option.

We liked Southern Laughter hostel in Queenstown and The Old Countryhouse hostel in Christchurch.

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Me and my girlfriend have been looking at campervans in NZ as well. Its actually not that expensive... infact it works out cheaper (£20 per day) if there is two of you. That way you are including your travelling costs and you accomodation in one neat package.

We have been doing it through STA travel. I know your in a different country but if you were desperate to find something you could maybe try ringing STA or going to their website, hopefully you could book it from there.

Hope this helps