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Hi Going to switzerland next week for 6 days. Planning to take a scenic rail journey and we have to get trains to and from the airport to the starting point and destination of the scenic journey.

Just wondered what train pass (like ?swiss pass) to get and does it work out cheaper. Does these passes cover the scenic rail journey as well.

Going to Basel and coming back from Geneva to Uk. So, thinking about taking the Wiliam tell express (Lucerne to Lugano) and staying in Lucerne/Lugano/Geneva few days.

Any suggestions which of these cities have more things to do!

I live in UK.


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Boom! Swiss train travel is so expensive. Most people that live there buy a "half day" pass. It like a yearly membership to the SBB that gets all tickets 1/2 price. Investigate to see if your doing enought travel in la suisse to warrant picking one up. saving 50% on a 220CHF ticket is a fair play.

Yeah, there are a very few places that are more amazing to see, especially by rail. I especially like the trip from Schwyz-Lugano. unreal.

Good time on your travel.

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I figured I'd post this as well as reply to the message ya sent me :)

I checked on the Rail Europe website, and there is a few Swiss Rail options for you that are vaild on trains and ferries. Go here to see which pass would suit you best:

A cheaper option (depending on your age) could be the Interrail pass, which is only availible to EU citizens. I clicked on the UK-resident option, and it gave me a price list. If you're under 26, I say use this instead! It's such a better deal!

(And for the record, rail passes usually work out cheaper than buying individual tickets, but you can call ahead and see which option is better for you )

The prices for either option are still quite expensive if you are only going for six days. You said that you want to take a scenic trip, so why not ask a travel agent if you can get a special "Scenic Switzerland" package that would include transport. I don't know if such a thing exsists, but it's worth trying.

I hope I helped a little.

Katie ;)