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I'm 22, Australian (currently living in the UK) and i'm going to Canada next year. I'm at a loss as I dont know which city to set myself up in. I was thinking Vancouver because it was small, but then I was thinking Toronto because it's close to New York and other US cities.

I'll be staying in Canada for 1 year as i've got a 1 yrs working visa. I will also be traveling by myself. I love traveling, very spontanious and i'm always up for a bit of fun and adventure - i'm not one for sitting at home all day.

Please if you have any advice to give i'd love to hear from you - I really dont know where to go or what to do.

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Welcome to TP!

I have not been up to Canada myself just yet but do plan to in the next few months as I just moved to the Washington DC area and am not too far away.

Im sure you will find loads of people to help you out around here as there are many well traveled folks here. Try posting an add in the Travel Help section under Canada.

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Hi Sally!

Welcome to TP!!

I'm afraid I can't be much help when it comes to Canada either. I have only been to Montreal for a long weekend. But, it was a beautiful and diverse city! I see you have taken Stephen's advice and posted your questions in the North America forum too. There are quite a few Canadian members that should be able to give you excellent recommendations.

Welcome again and see you in the forums! ;)

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Hello #1,

Had been to Toronto but no other cities in Canada.But i liked this city very much..good food, good transportation system etc.

Wait for other's opinion and then decide.

Whichever city you may choose, all the best to you.

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Compared to Toronto, Vancouver is small but it is also the third largest city in Canada. It's a much younger city than Toronto - it's skyline of skyscrapers has been compared to Sydney's. We are a coastal city on the Pacific Ocean, have many beaches and marinas, and we have the mildest weather in the country (except for Victoria, which is on the Island). We have excellent skiing in the winter, our local mountains on the North Shore (North Vancouver) boasts three ski resorts, plus Whistler and Blackcomb are an hour and half drive north from here (Winter Olympics 2010). It does tend to rain a lot during the winter (rarely snows). The nearest American city is Seattle which is due south and over an hour's drive away, we are very close to the border. If you have any questions about Vancouver, please ask me and I would be glad to answer them. Good luck and have lots of fun at the city you end up choosing.

Petra M, Vancouver BC Canada