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Hi everyone,
At the moment I plan to travel from Melbourne to New York to Barcelona to Bangkok.
I intend to spend about a month in Albany, New York visiting Niagra falls and NYC etc.
The thing is that the cheapest airfare has transits in Sydney, LA and Frankfurt. What I want to know is, is it worth getting out of the airport and seeing part of LA (or even Frankfurt - I know this is the North America Forum :))?
Also, is it easy to get a flight from NYC to Cuba? And is it worth going for a short trip?
I get a little excited about all the possibilities with a round-the-world fare, but I know that most members normally advise people to stick in one place and really get a feel for it.

Any opinions or experience would be great,


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I am pretty sure that no airlines fly from the USA to Cuba these days. Someone on the forums may know more about this than I do, but the USA has a full scale trade embargo against Cuba which doesn't allow any Americans to visit or do any business with Cuba or Cuban companies... I also wasnt' able to find any flights from NYC to Cuba on any of the popular booking sites here in the states.

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Since You're planning on visting upstate New York, you can always cross the border to Canada and catch a plane to Cuba out of Montreal or Toronto.

Katie ;)

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There are four or five flights to Havana each day from LGA, JFK, and EWR so getting there will not be a problem although on many days only one flight returns from HAV to the NYC airports.

As far as jumping airports to get a little local culture, why not schedule a stopover for a day or two at any city you feel curious about? Just be sure you have any required permissions and papers.

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Do you know what airlines fly out of any of those NYC airports to Havana? Everything I've been able to find says the only legal way to fly from America to Cuba is on a charter flight, and with special permission obtained from the Federal Government.

Being a Canadian citizen living in America, technically it would be legal for me to go to Cuba, but still I have always been told by airlines here that I cannot fly direct. I'd be interested to hear which airlines fly there as that is another door opened to me by being Canadian as opposed to American.