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Any help is appreciated. I am spending some time in Europe in late November/early December and I need some as I will be spending time watching various levels of soccer. I am looking at airfare and trying to go ahead and get my airline tickets to and from everywhere and it is starting to get quite confusing. In anyone's experience, does the airfare with the budget airlines remain quite cheap up until a day or two before departure dates or do they increase sharply as the time approaches. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

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I think buying last minute airline tickets is going to cost dearly even with discount carriers. I think that most airlines have a certain amount of tickets that are sold at a cheap price (unless they're having a seat sale). Once those are all sold, the next set of tickets are sold at a higher cost.
Also consider that trying to book your flight the day before may be risky as the flight could be soldout.

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Why not take ground transportation? Benefits the environment; thanks for in advance for not spoiling the air quality any further :-)

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budget airlines start now to sell tickets for autumn and winter.
fares are really cheap now (depending on destination of course)but 2 or 3 days before departing fares are ALWAYS high.
these are the most important budget airlines(the list it's not complete)

air belin+niki (germany)
air europa (spain)
air one (italy)
blu-express (italy, france, germany..)
blu air
bmibaby (UK)
carpatair (eastern europe, romania)
centralwings (eastern europe, poland)
germanwings (germany)
HLX (germany) (UK)
myair (italy, some eastern europe,)
skyeurope (especially eastern europe, Slovak rep, bulgaria...)
smartwings (eastern europe, poland)
transavia (netherlands)
virgin express (UK)
volareweb (italy)
vueling (spain)
windjet (italy)
wizzair (especially eastern europe, hungary)

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As a rule, the prices for tickets for budget airlines and normal big daddy airlines rises steeply as the departure date approaches. Tickets sold at 600 USD now for your flight to Europe will be at 2000 USD in winter. Same for that cheap ryanair or easyjet flight from the UK to say Germany.

There are two exeptions however: If you check the websites of the big airlines, you'll find that they sell tickets to selected flights departing in less than a week for a bargain. There are also charter flight companies, which sell tickets to popular holiday destinations very cheap if you book the flight less than 2 weeks before departure. The downside of this is that you have no way of knowing whether these airlines will have anything available that will suit you when you are ready to depart.

So book your flights now, save money and be sure in the knowledge that you have one worry taken care of.

BTW, there are other specials that need to be booked in advance over the internet. Train and bus tickets for example can be a lot cheaper if you grab the promotional specials (ie like the 1 GBP fare on eurolines for amsterdam-london-amsterdam I saw in april in A'dam.) These tickets usually sell between 6 and 2 weeks before departure.

Why don't you post the places you want to go to, we could give hints what are good deals and what are not. And whether to take the plane or to go by bus or train.