Is monsoon really that bad!?

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1. Posted by nomadicgal (Budding Member 26 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I am arrving in Singapore on 18th September.. we then intend ot travel up Malayisa through to Thai islands and up to bangkok then North thailand then into Laos...

Are we mad doing this at this time of year.. as I heard its monsoon!... will we be able to sunbath at all and chill out on beaches.. or should we expect thunderstorms and rain 24/7.. HELP!!! we are nervous now!...

2. Posted by MazDev (Budding Member 52 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Depends which route you take.

At the West Coast of Malaysia is monsoon season, but actually monsoon is only a couple of hours rain. Sometimes it didn't rain for several days. So that you wish it will rain, as this refreshs the air a litle bit.

East Cost of Malaysia got no monsoon season. And got some nice Beaches and Islands too there.

Langkawi on the west side close to thailand is ok too.

Thai Islands as Koh Lipe (close to Langkawi) wouldn't be nice as of rough sea.

Thailand is everywhere ok.

Monsoon in South East asia is only a couple of hours rain.

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Hi Emma

We were in Malaysia last year, end of Sept beginning of Oct. The weather wasn't too bad when we first got there but did get worse! The thunderstorms were mainly at night time (and they were some of the most amazing thunderstorms I have ever heard) and the rain showers were short and sharp during the day.
Despite what Mazdev said we found the monsoon worse on the East coast, around the Perhentian Islands and down to Cherating, whereas on the West Coast, Penang, was fine everyday. According to some of the locals we spoke to, the monsoon came early last year.

As for Thailand, the north around Chiang Mai was pretty much completly under water and people were being rescued by the Army! This was in August/September last year.
Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Samui were all absolutley fine but the other side, Phi Phi, Phuket etc were pretty bad and the sea was really rough.

Despite this you will definately have days of sunshine so you will be able to chill out on the beaches and top up your tan.
Thailand and Malaysia are both very beautiful and whatever the weather you will have a great time. The food is great and the locals are very friendly.
Hope this is of some help

Kristie x

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Not bad at all, at least from my experiences in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar & Laos. You will see rain nearly every day but the showers never last that long. One benefit to all the rain is that it makes the countryside glow: lots of shimmering green fields. This year, however, some part of SEA are experiencing flooding, so plan your route accordingly.

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I had a really bad experience flying from Bangkok to Johannesburg during monsoon, it was a red-eye flight leaving from Bangkok at midnight with a 747 jumbo jet! With the monsoon storm hitting the plane while taking off, it feels like the plane was going to fall right off the sky! The luggages from the over head compartment was flying everywhere, and the plane made a sharp deep drop almost more than five times, it was a scary experience... I was even having flashback of my life while the plane drop a couple of times, I thought I wasn't going to make it! SCARY!!!

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I answered this yesterday, but cant see my reply here. Anyway, here goes again.
People exagerate about the monsoons.
I would not let them stop me going.
I was in Mexico and Guatamala, during the rainy season. In the mountains, it was sunny all morning and for a couple of hours, in the afternoon. Then 5 or 6 hours of heavy rain. In non mountain places, there was hardly any rain, at all. Maybe the rainy season in Asia is similiar.
Anyway, when are u planning on going? The rain will be easing off, in October, and just abut over, in November.

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I m from Malaysia. Don't worry, the monsoon season in the east coast only starts somewhere around mid to late November. If u r looking for nice, clean beaches and idyllic islands, go to the east coast. Travelling is also easy with lots of express buses connecting to most towns.

As for the west coast, it is more developed, meaning lots of concrete jungle stuff. Most of the big cities r on this side of Malaysia. Shopping is better over here. Depending on what u want to see n do. The monsoon season does not affect much in the west coast as it is sheltered by the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The last tsunami that hit us was a fluke thing.....becos of the big earthquake near Acheh, Indonesia. Malaysia is basically natural disaster free.

Try Sabah and Sarawak, wc is in East Malaysia. It's definitely much, much better with lots to do n the tourism network there is very well developed.