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1. Posted by will77 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hi and thanks in advance for reading,
l'll be in bangkok for one day next week and l'm on a seriously short shoe string!
l'm trying to find info on the cheapest way of getting from Bangkok International Airport to the city centre and back again,
also being so broke and with little time l'm not expecting to do much but any other tips of things to do would be appreciated!
many many thanks,

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This might not be any help if you are almost broke, but my wife and I had most of a day in Bangkok on the way to Myanmar in March this year.
We organised a tour from within the International airport which took us around Bangkok for 4-5 hours? (boat ride on river and klongs + great temple + gem factory!!!). Can't remember the exact price but not that cheap, but we didn't have to pay any departure tax on our return to the airport and checkin for Yangon.

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Check out Asha Guesthouse. They have their own website and they are also on www.hostelworld.com

They have a free airport shuttle and they offer clean, friendly and affordable accomodations. They are not right in the heart of the city but they are on the transit line so you can get in to see the sights fairly easily. If you are limited on time, I would suggest to go to the Palace and Wat Pho (they are right beside each other). You won't be able to get in much more than that. You can also walk over to the River and get on the passenger ferry for a stop or two. It only costs about 10 baht and it is sort of a neat experience. You don't have to go far, just a few stops and maybe get back on and go the other way.

Beware around the Palace and Wat Pho. Tuk Tuk drivers will try to tell you the Palace or Temple is closed for a special function and they will take you to a better place. Ignore them. They will also try to sell you a ride between the two sight but they are only a block apart.

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If u are feeling cheeky, u could ask somebody who is getting a taxi, into Bangkok, if u could bum a ride of them. I dont know if the taxi driver would charge extra, for an extra passenger. Probably not.

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There are a couple of inexpensive options to get into the city from the airport. The Airport Bus costs 100 baht and there are 4 or 5 different routes into town. Even cheaper, across the street from the airport is the train station. A ride into town to the Hualamphong station is even less than the bus, but I don't know the exact price. You can also walk out to the main road (very close to the terminal; takes only a couple of minutes) and look for one of the regular bus stops. One of those air-con buses into town (figuring out the route will be tricky because the signs are all in Thai) would be, I think, less than 30 baht.

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Will... I dont know how broke you are, but I would suggest that you contact the Airport Info Counter (NOT the tour counter) first as soon as you are done with arrival procedures, and get information from there. They may be able to suggest what next that is best suited to your resouces.

Maybe trip to the Rose Garden is a good solution to your short-time visit.

Have fun.

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There is a bus stop in the airport but walking out side is better!
I gather you will be ariving soon so you be at Don Muang and not Suwannapoom. You can get a hotel on Planet Holiday at the Nana for 27 USD and you are right in the middle of the action...24/7 fun zone. Or do the hostle thing on Khao San Road where the hippie backpackers thrive! Goggle will give it to you right away

Being on a tight budget sucks....
If I had only 1 day I would get a room at the J.W. Marriott and enjoy the life of upper Sukhumvit, but I do that very often anyway!