How the heck do i get there and get home?

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Looking to do an overland trip next year from cairo to cape town lasting 4 months. Not really sure what happens about flights there and back. Is it better to buy a certain type of ticket from the Uk or two single flights?

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Well, if there are some airlines flying between UK an both cairo and cape town, it's probably much cheaper than buying two seperate tickets. But of course buying just a single flight to Cairo first gives you some more flexibility during your travel.

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Well, I would buy a single flight to Egypt only. I would try to figure out the cheapest way to get to Cairo, which apparently is to fly ultra-last-minute charter to one of the resort airports like Sharm-el-Sheik or Hurghada. (I got a charter flight from Germany to Hurghada for 170 EUR return last year, same flight with Egypt Air to Cairo would have been 350 EUR.)

The money for a single flight from Capetown back home would sit in my credit card account and draw interest there. It would give me the flexibility to change things in case something happens (like breaking your leg two days into your big trip by stepping into a pothole, ha!) and it would give me a lot more flexibility at almost no cost at all. I could fly home from Kenia if I so wanted, or continue travelling up to Namibia. I could take a flight to Westafrica, say Ghana or Mali and travel around there before going home.

If you buy your one-way ticket from Capetown to Cairo before you leave, you are in a pinch. The cheapest one-way tickets are usually non-refundable and unchangeable. Whether you fly on the date booked or not, the money is gone on the ticket. And a one-way flight from Capetown to London is quite expensive!

I would rather try to arrive early in South Africa so that I could book a flight out of the country, tour South Africa for a bit and then take the flight home. If you got a bit money in reserve, you can be flexible. You don't need to take a flight to London, a flight to any place in Western Europe would work.

One more thought: It might be worth figuring out whether a one-way ticket from London to Capetown is more or less expensive than a return flight from London to Capetown or a one-way flight from Capetown to London. There can be huge differences in price depending upon the season. It might work out to be the cheapest to fly to Capetown and work your way up to Cairo instead of the other way around. If a return ticket from London to Capetown is less expensive than a one-way ticket, use the flight from London to Capetown,go from Capetown to Cairo and sell the return flight to somebody coming to Capetown from Cairo.

The "flying to Capetown first" also has another advantage: In case you get the travel fever, you can easily continue from Cairo overland either to the UK or go all the way overland via Asia to Australia. You only need to avoid Israel, ie take the ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba, to get around visa problems.

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Like maia said it is probably better to buy your ticket later. Because you are way more flexible than. And you also have more options to go for last minute or specials...

But i did try to buy a ticket in SA to Europe and there they said it is cheaper usually to buy your ticket in Europe, but you can always do it online if you are in SA. Same effect.