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At Don Muang ther is an airside hotel

These is also an article
that the owner of the old day rooms is goinng to be up and running in Suwannapoom.

I have seen some posts here about airport hotles..I have landed a Don Muang about 30 times in 5 years and can tell you that if you are connecting in the morning yoju get more sleep in the airside hotel, Amari is expensive for a few hours, the others near by
see for a few have shuttle but it might be 1.5 hours froim landing to sleep. With the airside hotel you (should be) can check you bags thru to your final stop etc.

Now, my question is......the new airside hotel as Suwannapoom will be open. I have e-mailed but no response, normal for that compaany!

Any info..

BTW a little chuckle Suwannpoom is the nic for the new airport but for the punters here. Suwanna is a girls name so we know about the joke Suwanna-Boom for the new airport....

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The Accor's Airport Novotel will be open at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The official spelling of the new airport is "SUVARNABHUMI", although the actual pronunciation for the Thais is "SUWANNAPHUME".

The airport's name was conferred by the king of Thailand.

The word "Suwan" (in Thai) means "gold", and "phume" means "land". So the name of the new aiprort means "golden land". "Suwan" could me the name of man or woman in Thailand, but it seems that it is used more for woman.

In Khmer, the same word, but pronounced "Sovann" has same meaning, but mostly used for man.

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Well, thanks for the lession but you haven't answered my question

Zero Zippo Nada....

Additionally, are you telling me that English spelling of Thai names is etched in stone. NOT. I have seen the nic for the "Cobra Swamp" spelled exactly as I put it. So spelled in the Bangkok Post....And, Suwanna is a girls name... we know what is boom...
Seems the general opine is that the New Bangkok Airport is the last ditch effort for WackTacky to gain more baht for him and his friends!

You say tomato I say tomateo....

What YOU didn't say was any answer to my post...Do you have an answer??????????

BTW, the name Suwanna is common in southern Issan ala speak "Khmer style Issan" Rather than "Lao style Thai" FROM THE NORTH etc.
If there is a demarkation it would be about the north end of Tambons of Hwy 226 and west to Korat and east to Ubon and south from there for Khemer and and somplace south of Hwy 23 for the start of the Lao Issan Dialect.
I have a friend that lives in Satuk north ob Buriram and the old folks like Loa and the young floks speak Khmer.....Oh, all the young kids speak Engit!
Khao Jai?

What about the room.....I never asked about the Novatel that is opne for booking right now as per most web sites.


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Thank you for clarification. Honestly, my English fluency is not up to certain standard. And, maybe, so is my Lao Thai, Thai Thai, and Khmer Thai. A big apology.

I did the tour at the new airport on Jul 29, guided by the airport official. She did not mention about such "transit" lodging facilities for transit passengers, but told us of the Airport Novotel which should offer mini-stay for those passengers (like the one offered by the Amari Airport Hotel at the old airport at Don Muang). The Airport Novotel is within the new airport complex connected to the terminal building, and is a short walk from the arrival hall level (and I think it is even closer than the distance between the Amari Airport hotel and the old airport at Donmuang where you have to use the lift from the arrival level, and cross the main road using the elevated corridor).

I would like to apologize again if the above is not a correct answer you want.

Thank you again for those "coconuts" you have sold to our coconut plantation.

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Lucky you made you tour as they were nixed 9/1....did she mention the sushi bar at the Star Alliance gates open at it will exsist. As to the hotel...Every hotel reseller is offering the NOVA-Boom deal. Good Stuff as any airport nic'ed SuwannaBoom should have rooms that are sold for short times! Open the link below and you'll find it is for a Short Time during the day..I can think of a use for that but...
How aobut this: Which is a nice site dealing with SuwannaBoom Landstrip for people like me who are know as "Jet Plane" or even on some soi's "Sky Lab"! Aero-nuty-a-cal as this may seem......

Do you or do you not have any info on the AirSide hotel (ST Rooms)
that are scheduled to open at SuwannaBoom this month!....FYI. Patong Beach is much nicer to deal with 7 hrs jet lag hence I wish to go S.T. Hotel at SuwannaBoom and clear passport in HKT....BTW, in Patong I won't need any Short Time Hotel, have room already and will be ST'ing!

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Level 3 between F and G

great link to new airport!