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HI Guys and girls!

With the thought of another winter in the uk in my head ( which is long, cold and wet ) i'm thinking of taking some time out from my job and going to sydney for their summer for about six months; but with not knowing anyone or how to go about renting is there any advise for safe websites ( as i'm a girl travelling on my own ) to do a flat share with somone and to get it sorted before i go out??
Also any areas of sydney that isn't really pricey but has a good atmosphere....Any help would be appreciated!!

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For the area I recommend Glebe. Right next to the university, about 15 minutes away from the city center, and it's got this awesome nearly-bohemian vibe going. Lots of little restaurants and cafes and used bookstores lining the main road, and everyone seems to be constantly smiling. Second choice would be Newtown, which is on the other side of university. Not quite as pleasant, and a little further away from the city center, but still very nice all the same.

I very much doubt you'll be able to find accommodation beforehand if you're looking for a sharehouse. Generally the people you'd be sharing the house with would want to meet you before agreeing to anything. It should be a good time of the year to look for accommodation though, and you should be able to find yourself a share house for about $150 (AUD) a week without too much trouble. Various notice boards at bookstores, internet cafes and at the university should be good sources for finding a place to stay. Alternatively, this website expects you to pay them if you actually find any place through them, but has a rather good search system that actually has a decent chance of finding you some places that'll be just what you're looking for.

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A hint when looking at renting in Oz, check what furniture is included. Unfurished is quite normal in Oz and in the past I have had many foreign guests looking to rent a spare room only to be horrified to find that it is an empty room. If you look around the areas of the Universities (Kensington is another option) you have a better chance of getting something furnished.

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Good tip!
However, they have Ikea's in Australia as well, and if you just buy the cheapest of everything, you can get set up with basic furniture for a bedroom for something like $100-$150 (and just leave that all behind / sell it on when you leave), so unfurnished definitely isn't a reason by itself not to take a place. (Also: other people might be moving on when you arrive, and they'll be selling off all their stuff (think overseas students and the like) - check the uni notice boards. Plus, in Melbourne at least there were one or two companies actually renting out furniture. I'd suspect there'll be similar ones in Sydney.)

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