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Hey everybody!
I had problems to receive money from mexican ATMs, there was only one bank that actualy spit something out. In a few weeks i will go to guatemala so i wanted to ask if it is even possible to get money there with a normal european maestro-card...i dont have mastercard, visa or any of those.

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Have you seen this page?:

ATM Locator

It says for Mastercard but I think that theoretically you should be able to withdraw cash using Maestro from any Mastercard cashpoint as they are the same company.

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Yes MasterCard/Maestro is serviced in CA by ATMs (Cajeros Automaticos) marked with 'Cirrus' and MC logos. The best place in Guatemala to withdraw is in Antigua, there is one bank there that changes Euro, Pound Sterling and Mexican Pesos at a good rate as well as USD. If you encounter any problems go to the Rainbow Travel Center, 7a Avenida Sur No. 8 in Antigua, and ask the ladies at the travel desk for advice, they are very helpful. There are now over 18 bank branches in Antigua at least, on an average week about 1,000 or so visitors study Spanish there.

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Allright, so i dont have to worry at all, thanx for helping me out.

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Having difficulty with ATM's? especially in developing countries? There is a trick, leave funds with your family at home or friend you can rely on. In Latin America in all countries I beleive except Mexico (check on this) one is able to receive a Western Union Money Transfer from anywhere in the world the same day, if stuck in say Nicaragua or Bolivia low on funds e mail your family/roomate and have them send whatever you need, the cost is usually around = $20USD or so depending amount sent, factor that in. You receive the money in local currency at the prevailing rate of exchange. Or you are able to send money to yourself from teh country you are in to country where you are going on the WU website if you have Credit Card, no one else in the 'Internet Cafe' will know and there are thousands of WU offices and agencies worldwide, all listed on WU website.
To claim the money you'll require passport, one other photo id and the claim number WU gave the person or you when money was sent.