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I saw this advertisement of Turkey tourism in our local newspaper, depicting Rumi dance in a ruined stadium(?). There is also pictures of foreigner tourist watching the show, which gives an impression that the event is conducted regularly. Do you know where the location is? Show-time(s)?

Any other opinion regarding to best places to watch Rumi dance? The most authentic one? Or probably a place that offer us to join/practice the dance as well ...

Thank you in advance ..

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A few days ago I saw a performance at Istanbul Sirkeci train station. I would not vouch for its authenticy, but it did feel genuine. There where some religious Turks in attendance, watching. It is usually on every evening and you can buy tickets at the booth near the entrance on Platform 1 or at some travel agencies.

3. Posted by gatotj (Budding Member 21 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thank you sist .. so, you don't reply to my message and still reply to this .. :) thank you again ..

BTW. Googling so far, I only find this website:
that feels neutral. Still, it did not say anything about place to see.

All I can expect is to go to Konya, going to Rumi's shrine. But from the pictures, show is conducted in front of the mausoleum, not inside ruins of a stadium, as shown in the advertisement. If I went to Konya, it will also be good for my travel plan, as I will enter Turkey from Ankara, then leaving through Istanbul, roaming Turkey east to west. I assumed there will be enough time for 10 days trip.

I just notice that there is no hostelworld list for KOnya. Does it mean that there is no budget hostel there? Hmm, considering Konya is 5th largest city in Turkey ....

So far, I love this hotel website:
(The background music is just soo familiar. Is it Rumi's? I don't think so...)

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Sorry, must have forgotten.

Some of the german Turks I attended Uni with were originally from Konya. They told me that apart from the shrine Konya is a big industrial city with not many tourists. The Lonely Planet Turkey had some budget hotels and hostels listed, if I find it again and remember I'll reply again and copy some adresses.

Keep in mind the distances when you travel within Turkey. I had 18 days for both Iran and Turkey. I used 7 days for travel within Iran, leaving me with 11 days. In this time I saw Van (1 day), Dogubayazit(half a day), Kars (1 day), Goreme (4 days) and Istanbul(4 days). I spent a lot of time on the bus, the longest being from Kars to Goreme (2 p.m. to 9 a.m. the next day, including changing time at bus stations in Erzerum and Kayseri.) Always take the night bus or you'll loose to much time.

If you are flying into Ankara, keep in mind that the beautiful Cappadokia is practically right next door. I highly recommend seing Goreme or one of the surrounding villages. One of the underground cities would be great to see too.

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Van is really near Iran border :)

If Kars - Goreme you said is the longest bus ride, do you mean that you're flying for Goreme - Istanbul? The only good thing I've heard about Gerome is hotballoon ride. Did you try it? How much?
If you don't mind, kindly share your itenerary during in Gerome (including places to stay, operator, prices if it did not really intrusive :))

I'm basically more into Izmir (Selcuk+Ephessus+Pamukkale) though I have abandoned my previous 7 church of revelation's plan except the 7 sleepers cave and the crystalline pond. However, I overheard that the region is not as beautiful as years ago, especially for the crystalline pond. Is it true?

If so, then I will revise my land trip: Ankara - Goreme - Konya - Izmir - Istanbul, to using air-transfer Konya - Istanbul, leaving Izmir region.

Thank you again.