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1. Posted by egoh510 (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello! This will be my 1st backpacking trip to Europe in general... I will be landing in Paris.... my main question is I'm planning a 3-4 day trip to Switzerland before going to Italy....and I want to spend my limited days in switzerland "wisely".... any recommendation in MUST SEE for switzerland????!!!! please help! thanks! :)

elaine ;)

2. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Elaine
was in Swiss for a week last summer. Loved most Spiatz and Lucerne - 2 beautiful towns. Was not to thrilled with Geneva or Interlakken. Lausanne was a nice town to.

have fun

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Here is a really nice 'Rail Plan'. You can buy your ticket and get on off as you decide to continue your trip.

Basel-beautiful city that straddles 3 countries. They have a crazy carnival (shades of Venice and New Orleans) check:


Luzern: the gem of suisse, JeffG is spot on, this is known to most swiss as their prettiest city.

Brunnen: you can shoot a few rolls of film here. It is also close to where the Swiss federation began in 1291. you can actually take a 'river-boat' type ferry to/from Luzern from here.

Gotthard: Engineering marvel to get cars-trains through this mtn range. emerge at the other side in the sub-tropic mediteranean temerate. As an alternative you may want to divert and check the Matterhorn via Zermatt. pls see:


Finally the Italian speaking part of Swiss and Lugano, last stop before Itlaly. You must look around here. One of my favorite cities.

Be sure your rich, otherwise start saving. The prices are severly outragous. Can really put a downer on things if not prepared.

Bring a good camera too.

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I have been in Swiss both of the last few summers. Luzerne is very nice def worth a visit. interlaken is cool for extreme sports but otherwise not exceptional. Montreaux is quite nice and on the way to a hostel i stayed at in a place called gryon. by far the best hostel/area i have ever stayed. the hostel is right up in the mountains, its so fresh with lots of really scenic walks and the hostel is awsome. 3 days spent there and i could ahve stayed there all summer, so much to do and typical Swiss. Davos is pretty cool but i would leave that to winter. have fun

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Don't miss the Jungfrau region.Go by most wonderful train to jungfraujoch which is 3064mtrs.other plaes not to miss are:lake lucerne, lausanne, lugano. take a swiss train pass and enjoy. have a nice trip.

Only one prooblem is that swiss is an expensive country.So have enough money.

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hi elaine,
to find all the important information about trip planning, interesting places etc. in this really beautiful country (ok, i'm a little patriot...:)), check out this page:

although, the answers you got so far are pretty good. cause i'm from the area of basel, i'd definitely suggest a visit of this city. lucerne, montreux (chateau de chillon), lausanne and lugano are surely worth a visit too.
anyway, enjoy your time in switzerland,