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1. Posted by mcarthurf (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi me and some friends are planning on buying a car and travelling around the US, from Washington over to NYC then down and across the south, over to California, ending in SF.
Now, regarding tornados and hurricanes etc. would it make more sense to start in Wa at the end of summer, so we are in the south for winter (when it is cooler) when the weather is a little less severe? Or are your storms just blown out of proportian here in the UK?

We haven't figured a time plan yet, or really specifically organised the trip (it is not till 2008/9), but I figure better safe than sorry, and would like to get it all organised earlier so I have something to get excited about!!!

Thanks guys
Fiona x

2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5672 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I don't know what other months you are possibly able to start, but I guess best would be to start somewhere in late april or may. When you arrive on the plains in mid america the tornado season will be over and of course the hurricane season starts when you are in the west of the US.
Only disadvantage would be the heath, particularly in Texas and westwards from there, but that adds to the adventure...maybe just as tornado hunting?
Have a great trip. Michael.

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If you are worrying about tornados and hurricanes, then the storms are way blown out of proportion in UK. It won't be a problem. My weather comments: on East Coast weather won't be consistently warm until April/May and as you go west (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & CA) the heat can be intense in mid summer (July August). But I don't think the heat is that much of a problem either. Shed clothes and turn up the a/c.

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If you want to make a loop as you described, I'd say start in the NW in the early summer, making your way to NYC in the fall, then hit the south in the winter. I'm not sure how much time you have but it would be nice to milk it out so you would end up in SF in spring.
I don't have any experience with tornados, I've seen a few water spouts and pretty much went the other way, which I would suggest to do the same with a tornado. Hurricanes are the big weather event now and all the media are riding the cash cow. Just check the weather everyonce and a while and avoid heading into the path, cause it will be rainy and a bad traffic.

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I would suggest that if possible, you should travel south of the 40th. parallel (generally a line running from Philadelphia to San Francisco) during the months of December, January, and February. Those months tend to be cold and wet in much of the north. That is also the time when ice and snow may cover the ground in areas such as New England, New York, and Chicago. The winds off Lake Michigan are particularly brutal in Chicago during that time-period. On the contrary, those months are often thought to be the preferred months to travel throughout the southeast and southwest. Storms could hit anywhere, anytime, but hurricane season officially runs June through November. However, the majority of the worst storms tend to hit the Gulf Coast and East Coast states between mid-August and mid-October. Travel after Labor Day (the first Monday in September) is usually cheaper and less crowded because school is back in session after a summer recess. Since you will traveling by car, I would also recommend that when you can, slip off the Interstate highways and onto some of the more rural roads. You will get a better appreciation for the country.
Good luck and have fun.


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Well I live in Seattle and can tell you that the tornado threat is slim to nill. You're more likely to spill an overpiced latte.

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North Carolina in beautiful year round! :) Low hurricane threats in late august/ early sept.