Anyone in Australia mid-September?!

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I'm landing in Sydney on 16 Sep and looking for someone of similar age to start my trip with. Have worked abroad before but this will be my first time backpacking.

Not entirely sure of my plans yet. Thought I'd stay in Sydney for a bit, (maybe) get some work, then start my travels up the East coast up to Cairns. After that i don't know really! Just want ot see as much as Oz as possible and hopefully go to NZ at some point to, if funds allow.

Anyway, anyone interested,(or have any travelling tips!) let me know.


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Hi Louise,

Let age not be a barrier, check out my details, Nick 46, heading round teh world next month. I plan to hit Sydney in September maybe October latest ther for 2 weeks then up to Cairns.

Why no sport? Not that it matters, better to be mixing & chatting with different people, stops stereotyping!

If you want to get to know lets knock off a few e-mails, you never know we could end up having a drink in Sydney.

07795 568988

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I will be in Sydney beginning of December, will probably stay for the new Year's Eve and then head up to Cairns. Will take my time travelling and probably do a bit of fruit picking on the way. Apparently great way to meet poor backpackers like me and earn a few bobs as well.

Anyway my email address is :

Let me know what your emails are and hopefully we hook up in the sunny Oz.

Take care peeps.

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hi i am also arriving in sydney on 16th sept, havin spent 3 months in america. its really weird cos i was gonna hang around in sydney for a bit hopefully get a job, then travel up the east coast, but have no definate plans as such. would b great to meet up if you wanted to.

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Hi there I am lookignt o go to New Zealand for about 3-5 months. I would like to rent a car perhaps and go "tramping" beautiful 2-3 day walks all around the country. In between these bouts of fitness I love hostelling and having some fun on the town.

I am a 24 yr old female living in California, very serious about leaving around october, may stop in Oz first if I can work on a dive boat somewhere... sound like something you'd be down to do?

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Hey guys, Im going to be leaving for Melbourne, on September 28th!! Going on a work visa and will be in Australia for four months...maybe longer Am travelling by myself, and would love to meet up! I dont have any set plans...I just know I will be flying to melbourne from LA, hanging out there and than hopefully going up north, maybe to queensland...nothings definite..will see what happens, if anyone wants to meet up, or has any suggestions on where to go or find work...would love to hear back!

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Anyone want to go to Perth?

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Hey guys... Cdiaz,

I will be in Melbourne from the 25th Sept to the 16th. Was planning to see Tasmania for a 4days self drive trip on a budget car & accommodation. Would greatly appreciate a company!!! I will be on business meetings in Melbourne from the 29th onwards, but have weekends in between, so trips will be ex-Melbourne. But seriously looking for a driver/ diver friend to check out Tasmania.

Love to share details and planning. Give me a buzz.