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hey all
any recommendations in Mongolia in October?
I am there for at least the first 2 weeks of the month and hope to maybe do a walk/trek for one of them. (prob no tent and wether dependednt) Maybe spend a couple days at an orphanage? not to sold on riding horses wich sounds it could limit the ability to venture 'off road'?

would love to hear from anyone with experiences or over there at the same time.

safe travels


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Find a friend remotely familiar with horses and you're set. Mongol horses despite the name are not intimidating. Your challenge might be to find farmers willing to let them go with nubes in the colder season (and then you gotta figure out how to hang on to them!). Homesteaders always took us in, fed us and the horses. We arrived the end of Oct and persistence brought fruition. No horses in the city. Everything is networking. Be ready for the cold and sudden icy winds. We found our expedition quality tent indispensable.

A mtn bike would be neat but it won't compare. You'd likely have to pack it in and of course be ready to service it. Also, expect a real reduction in calorie intake and note the lack of water.

Jeeps may be available for hire or purchase from UB. Look for distance truck drivers at the popular bars (truck terminal didn't work for us). Also, the local bus can get your far enough along an artery for hitching. Expect to pay for gas.

Our 2 weeks in the country btw quickly turned into a month! And at that time of year as far as other travellers goes you'll meet the coolest people. But not to sell short all the wonderful Mongolian friends we made -and further NOT to mention there were the dodgy ones..

People thought we were crazy going in winter but might I ask why October?


3. Posted by b.lee (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hey speeed
thanks a bunch for the response, much appreciated.
ive conceeded that avoiding horses would be missing out on a focal part of the mongolian experience and culture so im out shopping for stirups! Giddyup!
im also going to look into hiring a tent while over there as i dont want to carry mine around china, did you hire the tent you used? (im concerned about the quality of a hire tent?)
but then the weather may be difficult so the jeep hire in UB may become an option.
am commiting to two weeks but have five up my sleeve so am prepared for a similar blow out of time.
looking forward to meeting the like minded crew that seem to appear when travelling.
October: well its not an exciting reason its just the most suitable time for me amoungst local commitments but the reading ive done (although says the cold starts to drift in) says the skies are clear the land is green and the Gobi is supposed to be at its finest.
if it gets a bit nasty i'l drop into china for a couple weeks.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer some advice...champion, sounds like your mongolian experience was a real adventure, it sounds like a special place.

see you on the trail.


4. Posted by speeed (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The most beautiful woman I ever met I met in Mongolia.

For the tent and cold weather gear we fitted out at Nandemon Market in Seoul. Great place. 12 years on and I'm still using most of what we bought. No problem carrying it.

Just an idea but my friend had planned to make his way solo across the steppes with horses, using just a sleeping bag and bivy sack (sort of sleeping bag shell). His departure got pushed back and by the time we got there it was far too cold. He'd have perished! I don't know what's on offer in UB today but I'd expect not much. Sort of off season.. are you sure you can rent a tent?

Oh, and test whatever you do get! We did a dry run in Siberia en route and discovered our tent pegs were back at the shop in Seoul! A desperately cold morning found us scrounging and forging bits of metal ina train yard. If we didn't figure it out there we'd have been SOL.

I'd like to hear from others but myself, I'd say bring it all with ya. Tracking stuff down in UB will wear your out. Just getting around the Soviet-sized architecture is a treck! Let us know if they've introduced bicycles yet. If they haven't I see an opportunity :-)

Will it be green? I wonder. For us it was brown, brown, brown but sunny almost every day. A beautiful sky there. And the stars!

If it does get cold: There was an open bazaar north of the city we frequented by bus, open certain days. Lots of stuff. The thick felt boots you'll see people wearing are the best thing! Get a fur hat that actually keeps your head warm. Sheep fleece is great worn towards your body under your jacket and in your sleeping bag. Watch for pick-pockets. My buddy lost things left and right!

I'd be interested in what you've found on the net and what you've been reading. Any links?

You'll have an awsome trip.

Happy trails!


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I was in Mongolia last summer for 4 weeks!!! It was a good experience!!!! Watch the horses, I fell down from on of them and I reckon it wasn´t nice! Anyway, you can get a horse riding in any family Ger, but to be honest I´m not sure what the weather is like in October....

People so friendly, so if you speak Mongolian or you arrange a translater, it´s a great opportunity to chat with them and learn a little bit of the nomad life-style!!!

Good luck!! and let me know if you need more information!!!!