What to pack for a unplanned adventure?

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Greetings travelers,

I'm going to be embarking on a journey with no itinerary on the 23rd of October of this year.

I'll be starting in Japan, leaving on a one way ticket. After a stay in Japan, I'll be heading west bound for Italy then Africa - but I may want to tromp around a bit beforehand... Point being, I really have no plan other than to keep moving till I run out of money.

How should I pack for such a trip? I dread the thought of lugging around a heavy full-size pack when I'll be traveling by the seat of my pants... Though I imagine I could be abroad as long as 6 months...

Would it be sanitary and smart to pack very light for a trip like this? 1-2 pairs of pants, 2-3 shirts, 6 pairs of socks/underwear, toiletries, and a camera... Bare minimum kinda packing, with the awareness that I’ll have to wash more frequently? Or should I pack for the long haul, and turtle it around the world?

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Yeah Lowkix
I think it would be ok to just bring that much stuff.
I usually just bring 2 outfits, and sometimes a rain jacket. I have a wash one, wear one policy. That means u get to put on a clean outfit, every morning.
And if something gets too old, u can toss and replace. This is easy, when traveling in countries, which are not expensive, as i am sure u realise.
This is how i have been travelling, everywhere i have gone, for the last 18 years. It makes it so much easier. U dont have heavy bags to carry. And u can take your stuff everywhere with u, in places where it would be likely to be stolen. And u dont need to put your stuff, in the luggage hold, of busses and planes(before the security restrictions, anyway), so u can just hop of and go.

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I take my 20 kg with me,but this are clothing I dont use at home anymore,
take it with me as give aways.
2x cargo pants and 3-4 shirts,some socks and underwaer,a light windbreaker is enough for me.
Schampoo,Showergel I fill at home in littel container,easy to stow and when the are empty or you forgett them somwhere you dont loose much.same with toothpaste,take small ones and not the family size.If you go for a few days somewhere and you leave your main Luggage in storage you have not to carry all this big bottels around with you.