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I think a thread was already started about how to meet locals. I tried finding it and couldn´t. If someone could bring it to the top for me that would be fab. Otherwise if someone else has any advice for meeting locals that would be great too.
I´ve just been in Spain for 5 days and am already feeling a little lonesome for family and friends just because I haven´t met anyone besides my host family.
Thanks for the advice.


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The nightlife often provides means for meeting locals. I guess that depends on what city you're in really, if it's a touristic hub or not, but I'm sure your host family can give you some ideas on what clubs/bars are popular with locals. Let me know if this works out!

Good luck! Tamar

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Here's the thread you're talking about :)

Katie ;)

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Thanks for the help...

I was actually thinking about a different post one where their was a couple staying in Australia and had been there 4 months without meeting anyone. I was thinking about that one becuase I´m living in the same place for 3 months and only traveling on weekends.

Today I posted ads to try and find students to teach English to. If I can´t find any of those (which I would prefer because it´s money) I´ll look for people to do language exchanges with then I can practice my Spanish.
I have been in Spain for a week and even though I´m legal to drink (I´m from the states where I´m not) I haven´t ventured into a bar yet. I´m going to this weekend though for sure.


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Hello again,

Some of you wanted to know how meeting locals went... Well so far I have met some.
Here´s what i´ve done.

1. I was at an outdoor market and one of the guys said something to me that i didn´t understand. I just smiled and walked by. Later i walked past and we started talking. We ended up going out that night. He took me into barcelona. it was really cool. i told him i would go past his work place again on friday when he´ll be there but i don´t think i will becuase he was totally hitting on me and i didn´t really feel comfortable being alone with him. (i did friday but don´t want to again) And when i met him i thought he was from the town where i am living but he isn´t...

2. I went to a church. It was a small church and everyone could tell i was a visitor. Lots of people came up and talked to me after the service.

3. I was walking down a street in Barcelona and this older guy started talking to me. That was interesting but then he started hitting on me and i was just like you´re old and freaking me out. I´m leaving now.

4. I´m also still looking for english students. so far there i haven´t had any luck.

5. there is a group of people i think about my age that do a fun language exchange. i´m sure i will join them for a night and probably more.

i know other people have suggested just going to bars but as i´m not legal to drink in the states i´m not really used to that whole scene. and i don´t like it when drunk guys hit on me.
i´ll keep looking though maybe i can find a guy that just wants to talk and be friends!!