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Hi all!

Great forum you got here :) Glad to have run into it!

Anyhoo, I'm going on a Singapore-Malaysia trip from December 26 till January 2. I'll be backpacking alone and totally psyched about it! :)

Now, Singapore is basically Singapore, so I'm more concerned about Malaysia. I'm looking at visiting the following places:
- KL
- Cameron Highlands
- Penang
- Melaka

The thing is, I don't think I'll have enough time to go around all those places. :( It seems that Melaka and Penang are of the same type, so I'm thinking maybe I should just visit one of them. Which one do you guys recommend?

Hope to hear from everyone soon! All inputs will be very much appreciated!



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I would definelty recomend Penang over Melaka.

For me, having studied Malaysian history, I had great interest in Malaka. But outside of a few sights that were interesting to me, there wasn't alot to do and it wasn't a very exciting town.

Penang on the other hand was a great town, with intersting city life, some great restarants, and a fantastic Buddhist temple (Kek lok Si, sp?) not to be missed.

If you are short on time, don't allot much for KL. It's an ok city and it's worth kicking around for a day, but in my opinion it's really not one of the highlights of the country.

Have fun

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Penang is a good place, stay in Georgetown lots of little hotels quite cheap. Check out the ferry to Langkawi a beautiful island and well worth a day or two stay, especially the impressive entrance to the island beaches on Langkawi are spectacular, best in Malaysia. Night market in Batu Gerenghi on Penang sells "designer" labels at rock bottom prices, take a spare suitcase. This is the expensive part of the island though, expect to pay 50% more for food etc here.

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I liked both Penang and Melaka - though there is probably more to do and see in Penang.

If you're going overland from Singapore to KL, Melaka is on the way and an easy bus trip so you could spend one night there before heading on. There are nice, cheap places to stay, an interesting (if small) chinatown, some good historical sites and some great food (definitely go to the satay house where you dip skewers of food into boiling peanutty sauce).

Penang has more great food, some good cultural stuff (visit Cheong Fatt Tze's mansion), Penang hill which is a breath of fresh air, and some fishing villages around. Be careful where you stay in Penang, some of the hostels/hotels are a bit seedy.

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In penang you can see alot more things and places compare to Melaka.But if you are into historical kind of places go to Melaka its the Historical state in Malaysia.

You will find all states in Malaysia have different and at the same time the same things to offer to visitors.

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Thanks to all your replies, guys! Keep 'em coming! :)

I do plan to head out to Melaka via bus coming from Singapore. It looks like it'd be best if I just stay in Melaka town, huh? Coz originally I wanted to go over and stay in Tanjung Kling instead. Maybe I can just take a day trip there, I guess.

Now it also looks like I'll be spending the New Year's in Penang. I'm really hoping to stay in Batu Ferringhi, too, to experience the beach and take photos of the sunset. I really hope I'll have enough time for all that.

Any local free to meet up? So far I've only gotten in touch with danalasta who's been very helpful :)