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1. Posted by daspler1 (Budding Member 25 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have family in Israel and have travelled there three times in the past. But the last time I went was over six years ago. I was wondering if anyone had travelled there recently and if they felt safe in the area? I wouldn't be staying in northern Israel but I would be in central-west part of the country (Netanya and Tel-Aviv). Thanks.

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I have been there each year for the past 3 years. I have always felt safe, with a bit of precaution.
I have friends in the north of Israel I have been in touch with in the last weeks and they told me that even there things are going back to the normality. I will be there again in November... and I think everything will be fine. Especially if you know people there and you have somebody's place to stay at and somebody to drive you around.

Enjoy your trip if you finally decide to go there.


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Sure, since the Israeli's keep the Palestinians behind giant walls and control EVERYTHING that goes in or out it's pretty safe - they should build little camps for them - the blueprints can probably still be found in central Europe somewhere. Also, since they have massive weapons power they can always destroy countries like Lebanon when a couple soldiers sneaking around on Lebanese Land, get captured and taken into custody. Of course their spin is better then Cheney's "Iraq attacked the WTC on 9/11 fairytale" so the fiction just rolls out like some new musical opening on Broadway. If things go wrong just blame it on the Palestinians (or the other Arabs around there, they're always up to something). Be sure to check out all the land Israel stole in 1967, it's a rockin' tourist attraction. Bon Voyage, Zoom PS Float on the Dead Sea too, that's fun - it's full of enormous amounts of salt you see, very scientific......

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Let me add (since I never believe that any one group all think a like). The last time i was in Israel my favorite city by far was Tel Aviv because when you start talking to the people there they're the most Liberal and decent when it comes to the Palestinians (who are treated like garbage by the Israeli Government and Hard liners) The Israel Government talks about suicide bombers but they never talk about how the Israeli military bombs the crap out of Gaza city with their US supplied Tanks and kills thousands of innocents. The worst thing that EVER happened to Israel was when Rabin was killed. He was the one that could have finally, MAYBE brought some peace to a region that does nothing but fight. OK , Shalom, Zoom PS. Next 2 years will be very dangerous in Israel cause the US wants Syria and Iran engaged in a war and will want Israel to be involved. I'd wait till blood thirsty GWB is gone.

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I live in Israel, and I really think that as long as you don't go to the territories, you should be fine. The war is over (for now), so even if you went to Haifa and etc, you would most likely not see any action. You have been to Israel before, so you are aware of all the politics, and that hasn't changed. I live in Jerusalem and have family all over the country (mostly on a kibbutz near Netanya), and I feel 100% safe living where I live and traveling to visit everyone. (I'm a 20-something, non-religious, liberal, Israeli-American female)

Yes, there are a lot of politics and the Israeli government hasn't treated the Palestinians or the territories fairly or appropriately, but that's nothing new. If you've been here, you know the deal. The point is, Israel today is pretty much how it's always been - safe if you know what you're doing, and it sounds like you won't even be in any dangerous areas at all. Go, enjoy, and just be smart about where you go and how you get there!

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Dear Mika, well, it's very refreshing to hear some honest comments of both the good and bad connected with the Government's policies. Coming from the US you know how taboo it is to bring up some of these issues (unless it's on LINK TV or C-Span). But, if these issues aren't talked about openly (as well as problems that come from other groups in the region) a solid peace can NEVER be achieved. I'm glad to see you're in that group of Israeli's that's willing to discuss the issues openly. I too have many problems with my Government and the way it behaves these days and also agree that things cannot be fixed until the problems are brought out in the open. We need some peace SOON because the world seems to be getting more and more tense which is far from a good thing. All the best to you, Zoom