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Need HELP!

I will be in Turkey end of Oct and trying to get to Croatia after. I am under a time constraint, so travelling by land will not be an option unless the train/bus rides are not too long. Looks like I need to fly or do a train/flight combo.

I can leave from Istanbul, Izmir or anywhere close to Cappadocia and can arrive in either Split or Dubrovnik. I can take a connecting flight from Athens or anywhere...just want to get to Croatia! :)

Your help would be much appreciated!


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I think your best bet would be to call a good Turkish travel agency (or just walk in) and ask them for flights. Turkish Airlines and other Turkish carriers can be very cheap if booked within the country. All I get from here for a one-way flight from Turkey to Croatia is just below 400 EUR.

Needless to say there aren't any budget airlines flying this route. Train and bus are not adviseable as they are slow and you would have to cross areas that are very poor and have seen bouts of violence bordering on civil war in recent years.

But if you want train and bus, the best way would be to cross into Bulgaria, go to Sofia and try it from there. There are daily connections and tickets from Istanbul Sirkeci station as well as from the Otogar.

Or go to Greece by train (Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa), take a ferry to Italy (Brindisi), and from there to Croatia (Dubrovnik). There should also be buses from the Istanbul Otogar going to Italy using the Greek ferry I mentioned.

Yet another option would be to fly to either Italy, Budapest in Hungary or Vienna in Austria and go from there to Croatia. Flights to Vienna from Turkey can be very cheap. Try Condor, Air Berlin and Sunexpress.

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Thanks t_maia!

I have explored some of those options...just thought I'd throw this out there and see if there was anything I hadn't already looked into. Looks like I should just go with booking the direct flight to save time...unfortunately not money. =P

Is it significantly cheaper to book once in the country?

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Quoting sumthinswt

Is it significantly cheaper to book once in the country?

Domestic flights with Turkish airlines - YES! 50 EUR on the day of the flight compared to 300 EUR booked 5 months in advance from Europe.

Don't know about the other flights, but the competition in Istanbul is steep. On Sultanahmet there is one travel agency next to the other. One of them should be able to find you something.

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I guess if you really wanted to fly by a budget airline you can book in Europe you could fly to London with Easyjet and then from London to Split - all in all about £70-80. As ridiculous as that sounds it's probably cheaper than anything else because as T_Maia says, the fares are needlessly expensive when you book them in Europe. Obviously I'm not suggesting you do that I just find it rather strange that a journey maybe 4 times longer can cost a fraction of the price for the direct flight.

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Actually it is not strange that a longer journey might be cheaper. It all depends upon the demand and thus on the competion.

Flight ticket prices for Germany-Turkey and Germany-Croatia are a joke, because the budget airlines use the ALDI-principle. They make money from the sheer number of people they fly, ie they take a little money from a lot of people. Their jets are almost always full even in low season, while the big daddy airlines carry mostly air on a lot of their flights. On an unpopular route your ticket price will include all these empty seats.

That said, I got a connection for you that might work:

28th Oct from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen to Stuttgart, Germany with germanwings ( for 126.11 EUR
29th of Oct from Stuttgart to Dubrovnik with Hapag-LLoyd Express 5242 for 21.23 EUR

Total: 147.34 EUR

See if you want to search for other connections yourself.

Just note that you need to book soon, as prices can go only up with these budget airlines.

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If you do decide you have enough time to go by land, By train Istabul (Sirkeci) to Zagreb is 33hours, leaving daily about 9pm.

You have to change once [most timetables say Rakovica, but actually you are better changing in Beograd (Belgrade) which is 15mins further, and gives you about 1hr 20mins, as the train from Thessaloniki to Zagreb/Ljubljana, waits in Belgrade for over an hour, so you can wander/Stretch your legs and get something to eat/drink], and Belgrade is about 23.5hrs after leaving Istanbul.

This is significantly quicker than travelling Istanbul - Thessaloniki - Belgrade by train, or by bouncing on a ferry via Italy, althoguh the later is more fun and you see allot more. It just takes a chunk of time extra!

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