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Hi, My name is Holly and I'm a first time independent traveller. I plan to visit Australia in Sept of 2004 for 6 months or so and I am quite baffled on what to pack and how much money I should expect to bring. I don't want to bring too much or too little of anything but I want to get down to the nitty gritty. It probably sound little paranoid but I don't want to leave anything out because I know that there are certain things that are a necessity but I would never think to bring. Soo if I could get some suggestions that would be a great start.

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Although I have not actually left yet Holly (only 20 days yet), but I dont really think that you have to worry too much!
For a start you will take way too much stuff with you.... and you will never have enough money!!!!
I'm taking £2500 with me (not sure what that is in dollars) that should last me, with careful spending, 2 months maximum! And then I'll start working, for my one year trip.
My backpack weighs sooooo much, that I've decided to take even more stuff out of it - remember you can always buy stuff in Oz if you need it!
So I've basically bought stuff that I don't really need (waste of even more of that precious money). My cousin went out last year and ended up sending 4 boxes worth of stuff back home!

So I'm basically saying 'Brings lots of money and not much stuff'

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get what u think u will need, then half it! Everyone that i know took far too much stuff the first time they went travelling and it justs ends up being a pain (literally!) If you r not sure u will use something, dont bring it. U can always buy stuff that u need desperately when u r there. has summed it up very well...bring lots of money and not much stuff!