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Hi guys,

I want to travel to heathrow airport to bristol is anybody going there on 15th we could club along or may could somebody tell me whats the cheapest way to get there. I have my flights booked for 15th and i will reach there in the after noon so guys tell me whats the best possible way to reach there economically

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if it's a while away, then train is your best option (if not the quickest) Try www.thetrainline.co.uk

I just checked it for a single ticket direct from London to Bristol in November and it was £14.50 (however, does go as low as £10!!!) If you know your dates etc. then check out how much it'll cost you.

Take the Underground from Heathrow to London (think it's £6.50 one way) and that'll get you to Paddington eventually with a few changes on the London Underground (as opposed to the Heathrow Express which is Quicker and direct... but costs £15 one way ... I think!)

Train takes 1hr and 40 mins London to Bristol.
Add 1 hour to mess about in London on the underground etc. to get to the station from Heathrow (unless you get the express)

Forget flights as I can only see BA who fly from Heathrow to Bristol (who are expensive) and to get to another London airport (Gatwick etc.) isn't worth the bother of getting there as you might as well get the train.

all comes down to time you arrive and whether you're in a rush.

hope this helps

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sorry, just saw you arrive on the 15th.

Price goes up to £50 from London to Bristol

still relatively cheaper than the other options and I think it's a business Class ticket which is cheaper than the standard one ;)

Only other option is to hire a car (can get a one way from Hertz for the day for about £30) but you'll need petrol etc.

Only other option is to get the bus with National Express Bus (Number 200) who go direct from London Heathrow to Bristol and a single ticket will cost you £31 (one way) and apparently takes 2.5 hours (however, depends on what time you get it!) It does go direct from the Airport to Bristol though.