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Hey you all! Im off to Zanzibar next week and wondered if anybody has any suggestions on things to do and see? Allso what are the costs like? Oh, another thing I would like to know if the tablets you take against malaria can make you feel a bit sick? Thanx I really appreciate!

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Hi Hermone,

On Zanzibar you can take a trip to go and swim with the dolphin, or have a drink at the Africa house in stone Town, at sunset.

If you are lucky enough to be there while the local yazz band is on make sure to go and listen to them there are excellent.

Concerning the Malaria Tablet it really depends of the person and which one you are taking. If you are still feeling sick after a couple of days just pump up to the doctor. You can contact your embassy they can advise you to which doctor to go.

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Hi there!

For beach life I recccomend going up to the northern beaches on the west coast, especially Kendwa and Nungwi. At Kendwa the tide isn't as shifting as it is elsewhere and there are better swimming opportunities.

I also enjoyed going to the Jozani rainforest while I was there, there's such a small portion left of it now, and you'll be supporting local community projects by visiting. The red colobus monkeys are really great.

The east coast is also beautiful, with not as much tourists and a more "exotic" and calm atmosphere.

Oh, you also have to check out Monsoon restaurant in Stone Town, it's amazing!

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For costs, I was spending around $40 - $50 a day in Zanzibar, $20 - $30 of that on accomodations for decent, single hotel rooms (I stayed at the Garden Inn in Stone Town and Aaman Bungalows in Kendwa). Definately check out the Fordhani market at night for supper. You'll eat like a king (or queen - depending on your gender) for $5!


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cool, great tips! how much was swimming with the dolphins? I reeeeally would LOVE to do that! Was it as great as I think it will be?