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1. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi all...

I'm totally new in this site and particulary this forum.
Found out that this site is very helpful in gathering lots of useful infos and good helping hands frm everyone.

I'm located in South East Asia (Malaysia), I used to backpack around South East Asia countries which suite for my ability in traveling. I'm saving hard now to earn my self a tour in Europe. Planning to head there somewhere in March next year 2005. (is it a good time for backpack?) probably it's the end of the winter isit?

My main concern now is, the period of time that I needed to spend. As U know, where we work in a corporate world, I can't hardly get a mth or two off, probably 3 weeks will be the max that I could get. =( (I bet it's insufficient huh?)

Fyi, my gf's aunt is residing in South London, Toothing Broadway. I'll definitely pay her a visit there. And frm this very moment, I'm still undecided where to circle up and stop by. Coz' I am not too sure how far is a plc to another. Just like knowing London to France should be "near" but I'm really afraid that most of the time might occupied in the bus or train.
There's only 2 places that I must stop by in England, where I wish to stop by in Central London and Liverpool.

Anyone can suggest to me or recommend me something else such like nice places (Places like Wales and Scotland or Ireland) that won't take me more days to travel.

Pls help my brains to start working again? Really appreciate it.
Thank you.

2. Posted by davidx (Respected Member 34 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm not meaning to be rude but I can only really respond to the last part of your message and the bit about weather because I don't know what your interests are.
I shall be quite happy to write again if you want further help after supplying a bit more information. I should be longing for a reply to a general query like this to start me thinking, if I were planning a visit to your part of the world.
First the weather. Yuo probably know that British weather is terribly variable but, on the whole, March sounds like a pretty poor period for backpacking in the United Kingdom. You may or may not know that there are cheap flights from both Stansted, near London, and Liverpool to Malaga in southern Spain, where it is easy to get to some great backpacking places. The flight would be somewhere about 3 hours.
On the other hand, you might want to risk the weather, and you could be really lucky, in which case either the English Lake District or the Snowdonia area of North Wales are reasonably close to Liverpool.
There are, of course, masses of other possibilities - depending on whether you are planning to camp or wanting cheapish hostel accommodation, whether your interests are more geared to scenery, history, architecture or something else.
Best wishes,

3. Posted by BasiaAlm (Full Member 61 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Kody, don't worry. Europe is reasonably compact and you can cover a lot in three weeks - enough to get a taste of Europe. Train from London to Paris takes only about 4 hours and there are a lot of fast trains in Europe, with sleeping berths (couchettes), so you can cover longer distances nightly. A web site of German railway (Deutche Bundesbahn) shows many European train connections, so you can plan your travel.
Just remember, Europe is expensive. And if you want to travel in March, I'd suggest you start somewhere in the south, like Rome or Athens and go from there. Check cheap air connections in Europe, too, like RyanAir, it will save you both time and expense, since it is quite a lot cheaper to fly one of the cheap carriers than to use trains in Europe. For example, if I want to go from Stockholm(Sweden) to Neapol (Italy) it would cost me ca $300 2nd class by train, not counting the sleeping berth, and would take almost 30 hours, while by Ryanair I can get there in less than three hours fro about $100 if I am lucky and book long in advance (flight prices vary a lot, so if I am not lucky I can pay up to $700 for the same trip on the same carrier )

4. Posted by gemC (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi kody. If you wanted to stay in britain and want to visit wales, i can recommend Pembrokeshire. However, with our weather, i cant say that it will be sunny or particularly warm!! Its a really pretty place to go anyway, especially the coastal areas. But, it takes a while to get there, about five or so hours on the train or bus from paddington,central london!!(a direct one goes stright to carmarthen and from there into pembrokeshire. Then from several places in pembrokeshire you can catch a ferry over to ireland. But, if you really want the warm weather, head to the more southern areas on the continent like south of spain, italy, etc.. That time of the year, you should be able to get some really cheap last minute flights no problems. Good luck!!

5. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

three weeks......... do you want to just have a flying visit in many places or go to three or four main places ???? i could recommend visiting ireland for scenery, history, traditional music and partying (but i warn you the weather could leave a lot to be desired), Italy is an amazing country as a whole and shouldn't be missed. Europe doesn't necessarily have to be expensive though, you could travel to the Czech Rep, its not that expensive and there is loads to see.

6. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Lots of places in Eastern Europe are inexpensive, and it is also very inexpensive to travel by discount airlines such as RyanAir and EasyJet. I don't think you should worry about not being able to see a lot because you can definately spend 3-4 days in a few cities and cover a large area. Are you looking for more of a general tourist-location type of trip, or do you want to experience the less-frequented places? If you're going for the former, I say stick to the big guns like Paris, Rome, Berlin, etc, etc. If not, then there are so many other options! I need to know more about your needs as a traveller to answer this one properly :)

Katie ;)