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Hi there,

I'm arriving in New York on Nov 1, and have 6 weeks to travel down the East Coast to Miami. I was planning on spending about a week in NY, then going onto Philadelphia, Washington, possibly Orlando (want to see Kennedy Space Centre) and then Miami (to fly down to Rio).

Does anyone have any suggestions on where else to visit/stay and recommendations for how long?


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You might enjoy Chincoteague and Assateague Islands on the eastern shore of Virginia. They're located just south of the Maryland-Virginia border. I would think they're worth 2 or 3 days.

Assateague Island is home to a herd of relatively wild ponies. There's a large assortment of birds. The type depends on the time of year. In the winter, there's large flocks of snow geese.

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Thats a awkward time for visiting a lot of the east coast - especially after the thanksgiving holliday. NY, PHilly and Washington are great you might also want to add in Boston as once you get into the south many of the interesting places are already going to be in very offseason modes.

You might look into Charlottesville, Virgina which is a charming town, colonial Williamsburg, the outerbanks will be dead at that time, so you might consider Raligh-Durhan in North Carolina, and a stop in Savannah on your way but the weather won't be much of an ally.

you could also swing out to Atlanta.

just what pops into my head.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the suggestions - it's probably not the best time of year to go as you say, but no choice in that unfortunately. Will be heading to sunnier climes for Xmas and NY so that should make up for it!

Any ideas on where would be a good place to spend thanksgiving for a female travelling alone??

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Having lived along the East Coast all of my life, I would recommend, in light of the fact you have 6 weeks to travel from New York to Miami, several things you did not mention. First, in my opinion, the Boston area is one of best in the U.S. Autumn in New England is a special time in a special place, and Boston is the hub of the wheel. With all of its' institutions of higher education, it is a young person's town; vibrant and active. History surrounds you while there. The accomodations and restaurants are excellent, and it is a walking city. In addition, Boston is close to Cape Cod which is an interesting take in and of itself. I realize Boston is slightly north of your arrival point, but is easily accesible by plane, train, or car.

I would also suggest two additional destinations. Try to insure that you at least get a glimpse of some of the East Coast Resort areas. My recommendation would be to either divert to the North Carolina Outer Banks (Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Wright Brothers Museum of Flight, Nags Head Sand Dunes), or, if you like a slightly more cosmopolitan place, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In either event, to get a true taste of the South, Charleston, South Carolina is a must see. The waterfront section of the City hasn't changed much since before the Civil War. There are some very comfortable bed and breakfasts there, and the cuisine is gourmet.

Good luck with your journey, and have fun.


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Vermont and Maine should not be missed two of the most beatiful states in the country