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I am about to take off on a 11 month trip through central Asia, middle East and Africa. Will be in hot, sunny weather most of the time so taking mostly 100 and 200 film. Are there any particular characteristics associated with Fuji and Kodak film. What would you recommend?

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kodak favours warmer tones and fuji favours the cooler side of the spectrum. they both give really nice colour. i would recommend using the more professional grade films. if you buy them from a real camera store theyre usually cheaper than the normal marketed stuff. for kodak, portra vc works really nice for landscapes and such. good luck!

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it´s cheaper and better

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Both companies make good films. It depends on your photographic caliber. If I were to shoot ultra quality pictures on 35mm camera, I would go for slide films instead of negative film. Comparing Kodak and Fuji also depends on whether you shoot slides or negatives - Kodak slide film, such as Kodachrome has warmer tone, where as Fuji seems to have a cooler tone. I quit using fim for a while now, but I have seen many pro pics from Fuji Velvia film and they looked quite good. If I were to shoot scenery with slide film, I would pick Kodachrome ASA 25, very fine grain and very accurate color recording. I would also try the Fuji Velvia, because I saw some pics with very good color saturation.
Why don't you try them both!

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i've used the velvia a lot. i like it. it also depends on where youre shooting too, and whether or not your subject/location caters to a warmer or cooler tone. it's very much a matter of personal taste too. i tend to favour cooler tones, but that's just me. good luck!

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My sister is a photography student and she recommends Fuji Reala film 100 ASA because it's a very forgiving film that you can use in a lot of different lighting situations and still get realistic colour. Often there are a lot of films that are mainly for outdoor light or flash, but if you're going to take indoor pictures (e.g. inside a monument) and it's an artificial lighting situation (such as candles and lightbulbs) it would be good to have Tungsten film as well. This is useful if they don't allow flash indoors. Although Reala can be used indoors, indoor pictures with artificial light might come out yellowish without flash. Tungsten film solves this problem. If your main concern is whether to pick 100 or 200, very sunny, bright situations will call for 100 because it is less grainy and it won't need to be a very sensitive film. 200 is better used for flash and indoors but can be used outside as well.

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Fuji Velvia - together with a polarizing filter and some help from the photographer will reveal amazing landscapes. Be careful while exposing because as most of the slide films, Velvia is very sensitive to exposure mistakes.

Fuji Provia - extremely fine grained, this is ussually my choice of slide for most of the situations.

Ektachrome E100S - Kodak's response to Provia. Fine grain, strong saturation, didn't use it too much though.

All of the above were slides. As for negative films - Fuji Superia Reala. I haven't seen nothing yet that can compete with it.

Hope this helps



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