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hey guys
just wanted to let you know that myself and my friend were taking a walk up the bellavista in banos friday morning,we beleived it to be safe as all the lonely planet and footprints recommend it,but we were robbed at knife point by 2 guys,they took our bags and checked us for our money belts and made off with 2 carmeras,2 passports,3 creditcards and $130 in cash,the police were no help at all,later that night we were followed back to our hostel by this local girl and we had to pay $100 for our passports back,whats even more annoying is that we later heard the next day from a man living there that this has happened at least 6 times in the past in the exact same place and still nothing is being done to solve the problem,the bellavista is not safe and dont expect anyhelp from the police in banos if you should need them
thanks for reading
safe travels:(

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I believe my edition of SA handbook (but it's an oldy) says something about the Bellavista not being very safe...

As you say, the problem's known among locals. The general safety advice would of course be to form larger groups if you plan to visit this kind of remote places that are likely to attract criminal activity, but also not walk around carrying all your valuables. After loosing a number of wallets to pickpocketers, I found that credit cards are much safer in your locker in the hotel...

hope this hasn't spoiled your trip. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Baños (consider paying a visit to the nearby falls),


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that really sucks... i was in Banos this past summer and we did a horse back ride up bellavista and nothing happened... the scenery was gorgeous and we had a great time... but there was a little message board in the hostel we stayed at (Hostal Plantas y Blancos) and someone wrote that they were also robbed up there... apparently an old woman had stopped them to ask them a question, then they were ambushed by a gang of guys who robbed them completely... we've heard other similar stories too. it's too bad because Banos is such a nice town and there's so much to do there... but i would definitely recommend going up to bellavista only on a tour or with someone who you can trust and knows their way around...! otherwise, be careful!

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Quoting taradeasy

hey guys
just wanted to let you know that myself and my friend were taking a walk up the bellavista

What is a bellavista? Doesn't that mean "beautiful view" (or something like that)? Or are you talking about streets or hiking paths?

Kevin Pfeiffer