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Hey going to australia on the 28th november with only the bare minimum of $5k. as the title states im going to sydney at first...i only intend to stay there for about a month before heading on out to somewhere like victoria to do some fruit picking (if i manage to get a fruit picking job that is...

anyways i was wondering firstly how long do u think this money would last me (im planning on living really cheap. eating only supermarket food, probaby have most of my first months accom booked and payed for by the time i leave etc etc...) i also intend on getting a job pretty quickly just working in a bar or something? (wats the minimum any of u guys have done bar work or anything of the sort for? coz if i can get a job soon after my first week there i will only be able to work for like 3 weeks, is this normal for a backpacker?) and secondly is it relatively easy to survive and get work after this...i mean im not planning on making that $5k last for the whle year im there!

anyways...thanks in advance!


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You can count on spending an average of $50-$60 a day all inclusive when eating supermarket food, staying in dorm-style rooms in hostels, not doing expensive activities like daytrips, and travelling by bus to a next destination once a week. As such, $5000 will last you three months.

Now, Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia, but if you stay there for a month (don't travel anywhere), you can probably stay near the $50 edge of that range. Subtract the accommodation cost if you'll indeed have that prebooked. Do the math. :)

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sweet! thats way better than i expected to hear! but i reckon the christmas/new year period is gonna kick the crap out of me as accomodation gets really expensive really quick.

oh and i hear sydney is generally if im staying in a place like melbourn will it be much cheaper? or are all cities generally expensive?

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The four or five really big cities are expensive, pretty much in order of how big they are. Sydney has a lead of 10%-15% over Melbourne (accommodation mostly; food is pretty much equal).

Keep an eye on how much you spend during the first week or so to get a feeling for how close to my estimate you are. Those figures were what I did, and the Lonely Planet says the same, but everyone has different habits.

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On the West Coast (Western Australia), hostels dorm beds range from about $18 - $23 per night. Usual weekly discounts are available. OR if you do land a job - there are shared houses with short term leases (like monthly) that you could look into.
Check out backpacker employment agencies that will help you land fruit picking jobs, country bar work at outback pubs etc etc. In Perth there is the Job Shop ( who places backpackers all year round in jobs. They have offices in Broome & Kununurra for the work up north too.
Good luck!

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Remember to enjoy yourself, maybe allocate yourself a bit less time in the major cities, then go and find some work. It can be counter productive to fly into a city, eat two minute noodles, live on water an not include yourslef in any activity because you're watching the dollars. You want to see more that just your hostel, there are cost effect ways of getting around Sydney and there are cost-effective ways of actually seeing and experiencing the place. If you like russian roulette, you could buy a cheap bike and ride around the city and down to the beaches, then sell your bike whe you leave the city. The money saved on public transport will allow you to do some day trips out of the city which are incredibly worth while because the city only makes up about 1% of Sydney.

Shop at Aldi. Do a search for Aldi stores in Sydney and you'll probably find there's a store within riding distance of your hostel. Actually just found one which is 2.74km from the city centre: ALDI Edgecliff - Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Road. Edgecliff 2027. Catch the train to edgecliff station ( or ride your bike )it's just one stop from Kings Cross. Aldi will save you HEAPS of money compared to the city supermarkets.

The cheapest hostels are in Kings Cross. There's another site where you can get to meet locals and crash on their couch for a few days at a time. This might save you a few bucks as well. Get on your bike and ride to Newtown if you want to still buy some great food in a cafe or restaurant ( that's if you want to splash out occassionally). The food in Newtown is excellent and a lot of places are quite cheap.

Good Luck with it all and remember don't come down to Sydney to experience just the inside of your hostel, bread and water. Enjoy it and live a little.