haunting after dreams- from one country to the other?

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1. Posted by stephy (Full Member 51 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

have u ever had the feeling, that u cant stay long in on eplace. U need to leasve, dont know exactly why, Leaving friends and family behind, alone, to search a new adventure, one busride after the other, ...what are we looking for? is there the place that makes us happy? isnt it bout the people, who makes u feel like u were "at home"? Doesnt this has to do somethng with time and a longer stay? How to feel at home if i feel odd in my homecountry ( people already tell me I am not typical for my country, ), when i am there i wanna leave, when i am somewhere else, i i ask my self why i always make my life so difficult. Why didnt i get a job at home, where i can communicate well? Where i am not the stupid foreigner? I loose ties. I chyange my self, learning from experiences...change so quickly that i sometimes dont know myself anymore.
Guess a bunch of u knows pretty well what i am talking about. So what are u doing, how to settle down mentally? ANyone has experiences with this? of course, we all have to go our own way, but a point in a direction, should not do no harm...
The choice of what we could do is so inmense, that i cant take it. I could do a shitload of jobs in bnearly every country....No barriers, but too difficult to choose and understand what could make me happy. since we never know before...well, propalby in the end we dont decide, a joboffer comes in, we decide spontaneously...and, it happend, planning makes no much sense anyways...or does it?

Ok, got a weird day today, sorry to confuse some off u. These how finished reading ....guys, i am already curious but your thoughts.

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you're just being you.
there's nothing wrong with living in such a way that might not make sense to other people, if it makes sense to you. the only 'wrong' way to live is one that's not your own.
if you can live that lifestyle, all the power to you.
those thoughts are inevitable i know, ive felt them when i traveled.. but you have to realize they're bullshit. if your happy, then fuck it, just live. do what you want. wander, travel, whatever. just do whatever it is that makes you happy.

the bottom line is.. no one really knows what they're doing. thats what makes life good. realize that 'knowing what your doing' is a rather trivial and hopeless attempt to have control over something you can't control, and just be happy to be you, somewhere in the world, making the best of everything.
really, who gives a damn if you know? you can try to understand what you want to understand, but if its something that you know is really rather inconsequential and won't really help you, then fuck it, just live, do whatever.

take care

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Hey Stephanie,
You are not alone in your worries and wonders.
I am the same way. Everyday i wake up and say to myself, "is this really where i want to be?" most of the time i answer no but im in uni right now and am where i need to be, not to get confused with, want to be.
I hate staying in one place for too long, i fear the routine of an everyday life the most. everytime i start to get comfortable somewhere, i just want to pick up and leave.

You are not alone out there.