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Hola I hope someone can help me with my queries? My name is Irene and I am from London and I will be traveling to Argentina for a month with a friend in April next year (07). We are starting to plan our trip and places we would like to visit. We plan to go to Uruguay and San Antonio De Areco which are very easy places to get to and arrange from Buenos Aires however the other destinations we want to visit are Puerto Iguazu (Iguazu Fall), Salta and El Calafate (for the Glaciar Perito Moreno).I know traveling by bus would be the cheapest option; however due to the size of Argentina and the limited time we have it seems traveling on internal flights would be the best option. I wondered if anyone could put me in the right direction of any travel agents in Argentina (Buenos Aires) who can offer good (cheap) prices for internal flights. I have done some research online with Aerolineas and prices are looking very expensive. I have also seen information regarding air passes for visitors, would anyone recommend this for internal flights or would we be better off buying the tickets separately once we are in Argentina? I am so looking to forward to visiting your country and try some mate! Advice on other places to visit would be appreciated.
I look forward to your advice and reply.

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I would suggest that you fly to Iguazu, then take the bus onto Salta, and Calefate, and finally fly back to Buenos Aires. I know the bus journies would by long, like 20 hours, but it would save you having to fly in and out of Buenos Aires for every destination. There are not any direct flights between Iguazu, Salta, and Calefate, you have to change planes in Buenos Aires.

As for booking flights, I believe that the web page for Aerolineas Argentinas detects that you´re in the UK and hikes up the prices. Try searching on, as the prices there seem reasonable. I waited until I arrived in Argentina before booking flights. I could get a flight next day to Iguazu, by booking in a high street agent in Buenos Aires. April should be a quiet time to travel as well, so you shouldn´t have many problems. LAN Chile also fly around Argentina.

hope this helps,


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I obviously do not agree with Steve. Internal flying is a hopelessly irresponsible mode of transportation; have you considered the burden it puts on the environment? Bus connections in Argentina are excellent; most routes have nightly service as well, so you won't loose much time taking ground transportation.

That said, the places you mention are kinda far apart, but in a month, it's feasible, even though you won't be able to spend much time at each destination (would be the same when flying, though). Best route imho would be Uruguay - Iguazu - Salta - Calafate - Buenos Aires; note that you need several days for the stretch Salta - Calafate, which is REALLY far. You'd need to travel via Cordoba, Bahia Blanca, and then travel south along the coast, where Puerto Madryn would make a logical destination. Take into account that if you'd skip Calafate, you'd be in much less of a hurry, and have more time to explore the north, or the lake district around Bariloche. And personally, I found the glacier very disappointing; it's just an extremely touristy affair.

Contact me if you need more specific information; have fun planning,

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Heippa Niels!

I see you are an excellent advisor, so I have another question for you (or anyone else in the mood to help) :)
I am planning to spend the first month of my 3 months long SA trip with my cousin. As she has just one month time and wants to see as much as possible, we have to make a little plan. She wants to see Iguazu falls but also visit Ushuaia - I personally don't like flying (and my budget would also complain), so I think it's not really possible to see both in such a short time. So I am more in the mood for BsAs - Iguazu falls - BsAs. Then Plata del Mar (our aunt wants to take us there), then Puerto Madryn, Bariloche and then back to BsAs. And if there is some time left, few days in Montevideo. What do you think? Do you maybe have another suggestion? Is there another 'must see'?

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from the little green village in Slovenia.

5. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Anja,

It all depends on your personal preference and the time of travelling what would be best in your situation. When travelling in SA summer (december, esp. early january), take into account that Iguazu will be extremely hot 'n' moist, and busy with Argentine tourists, too. But it would be a shame to miss out on the falls, which still are beyond description, despite of their complete touristification.

And can't you bribe your aunt into not going to Mar del Plata? It's such a waste of time... if you're keen at spending time on the beach, better do so in Uruguay, or at least go to one of the smaller resorts (Villa Gesell, Pinamar).

As for pto Madryn, here the season matters a lot. In SA spring, it's a wonderful place for bird- and whale-watching; in other seasons, I heard it's kind of dull, so if you're travelling later, you might want to skip it. Check when arriving in BsAs (casa de la provincia de Chubut, Sarmiento 1172). Bariloche's wonderful. Well, not the city itself, but the lake district... take a few days for hiking, I'm sure you'll love it.

All in all, I think your itinerary's feasible and allows for relaxed travelling. Iguazu (4 days including travel back and forth), Mar del Plata (a week; preferably less :)), Pto Madryn (4 days, including travel to Bariloche), Bariloche (4 days, you could easily spend more), any remaining time can be spent in BsAs.

have fun,

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Hola Niels!

Thanks for your tips! Well, I'll try to make the best out of it. You helped me a lot!


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Hi Irene,

Thanks for your email.
Argentina is indeed a lovely and enormous country, so if you're short in time and have some extra buck you can fly. If not, I recommend to mix and match... is like the local, you get great deals for last minute... If not the Aerolineas pass could be an other option...
If you're students or teachers, ASATEJ offers good discounts... I think they also have reasonable rates for other travelers too...
I think you have plenty of interesting places, but let me know a bit of what interests you and I would gladly help you....

Cheers from Bob Frassinetti in Buenos Aires Argentina