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Im a first time backpacker. Can anyone tell me how much a cell phone would be /month in aus. also what to do about opening a bank acount and the basics for setting myself up when i get there. Also is it easy to get a lifeguarding job or swim instructor job? I have all the cirtifications in Canada. Also, when working on a holiday work visa for an 18 year old, how much tax will be deducted from my pay check? also do i have to summit a tax return? Thanx

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If you would like to get a mobile/cell phone in Australia, you can buy them at most supermarkets, service stations, departments stores, corner shops, post office etc. U can get what we call 'prepaid' mobile phones and they cost between AUD 100 - AUD 300, with call rates of basically of AUD 1 per minute.

As for opening a bank account, try Westpac as they have student banks accounts without any fees. I cant help you with tax, although we have GST like Canada which is 10 per cent on everything accept basic food (you can buy frozen chicken - no GST, but cooked chicken - pay GST).

Log on to www.careerone.com.au
or www.seek.com.au -- for employment

Hope that helps.


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Just to follow up; prepaid is definitely the way to go as a backpacker. You have no monthly costs in that case and only pay for calling, not for receiving calls. I think you'll find that every backpacker in Australia has one actually :)

Tax rate for backpackers is I believe 27/28%. Make sure you get your TFN (tax file number) pronto as if you don't have it, employers have to tax you 49%. It's a matter of just filling in a form and handing it in at a tax office so it's easy enough.

Tax rebates are a bit of a hot issue at the moment. It's aparently easier again than a few years ago. There are probably a few accountants that will be able to help you out with that, usually for 'free' (they take a cut of whatever you get back). A good one will most likely also be able to get you superannuation (retirement money) back.

The best thing either way is not to count on any money back; that way at the end of your trip if you do get any back you'll be able to live it up for a while

HTH, Sam