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A young lady I employ in the UK went to Aus and hired a van from Wicked Campers in Sydney. When she returned she found they had taken £160 from her account despite ceremonially tearing up her account details when they returned the van. A couple of speed camera fines had been issued but these were paid immediately direct to the NSW Government ticket office by her father. It may well be a genuine mistake but our concern is that the people who run this outfit will not reply to any enquiries. Does anyone know the name and address of the Managing Director please, so that we can get our Sydney people to call round.
Ian Lauder, Vinemans Ltd, UK

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What happens when you call them?? They also appear to have a branch in the UK (with a toll-free number).

Kevin Pfeiffer

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Online I could only find the name of the business development manager (Laura Howarth) but you could call the office numbers off the site and ask to speak to her if you cant find the MDs number anywhere else.
Failing that get some one to pose as a student and call the marketing team asking for info for a 'school project'. Set them up with a series of questions not answered by the website so the person sounds genuine.

Good luck.

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Hi vineman,
I see you're also on the TripAdvisor Web Site discussing this yesterday as a first time poster too?

I'd suggest using the Governmental office directly... I managed to find this on the web after a quick search.


The first lines are particularly interesting and I would suggest using the appropriate State from where you hired the van (The States are really, really helpful I've found! more so than National organisations! IT's very much a not in our BAck yard mentality :) Which is good for all of us!

hope this helps


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missed off the URL.... DOH!