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Hi all,

I've done a bit of travel in Thailand and am doing some solo travel to see the rest of this fantastic area in December.

I've heard that travel from Thailand into Laos is harder than the other way around.

So my question is, from others experiences, is it easier to do BKK, to Cambodia, into Vietnam, Laos and then back into (Nth) Thailand, or does it not really make any difference?

Also, i was going to get all the visa's before i leave, but have heard you can get dodgy (but still eligible) visa's for Cambodia and Laos in Vietnam, could i also assume that most travel agents in BKK would offer visa's for these countries too? I don't want to do the whole package tour/bus/visa thing though - just a visa and make my own way around.

Any info on this would be great thanks.

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I see you just joined TP, welcome. There is a wealth of information in the older posts. Just click on page 2,3,4 etc. and look at headings. You will find some useful info.

I am going to vote for entering Cambodia at Poipet and head for Siem Reap. Cambodia 30 day visa at the border, $20-25. 3 day pass at Angkor, $40. Bus or boat to Phnom Penh. Get your VN visa in PP, one day, about $30. Bus PP to HCMC, $6-12, when finished with Cam. Buy the 'open tour' bus ticket in HCMC, about $25. Much cheaper than the train and more flexiblity on cities. Up to HaNoi, get your Lao visa there. After VN, bus into Laos, tour and back into Thailand at the Friendship Bridge. Bus to BKK. This is all overland and you may elect to fly some sections. A very good source of info on all of SEA, but esp. Cambodia is; ''. Read some of the entries on sections that you are planning on traveling over. Very helpful.

I have photos of some of this in my gallery. Send me a PM if you need details on any of this. Have a great trip.

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I did a trip this time last year to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I ran out of time for Vietnam so next time for sure.

I north in Thailand from Chang Mai to Chang Rai and then took the two day slow boat into Luang Probang in the north of Laos. It took time but a great way to see the rural side of both of these countries and to meet other travellers. Make sure you plan your Visa well in advance, I was held up a few more days then i wanted waiting on a visa into cambodia. This was due to a sunday, a public holiday and crappy effeciency. Make your way south to the islands of laos and spend a few days in a hut litterary above the meekong. There is a semi-legal border crossing which is always an adventure, there is a fee/bribe required but it should only be aout $3 US to the big guy with gold teeth. Then make your way either to Siem Reip or Penom Penh depending. Make sure you do both as they are each amazing. Angkor is one of the best things I have seen in my life. Cant comment on Vietnam....yet!

Travel safe,


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Thanks for the info guys,
Will traul through the massive array of posts in time and get more info, but at the same time, not knowing too much before you go is also part of the adventure.
As long as i know visa's are attainable at borders and main cities etc, i dont even mind being held up a couple of days in a city waiting for a visa, for the sake of flexibility and 'spur of the moment' travel decisions.

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about Vietnam, you can travel to here. It is a beautiful and peaceful country.