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Hello everybody. I have u.s.$6000 (before transportation costs) to backpack in europe. I plan on flying to London to start my trip sometime in JULY. I don't plan on seeing every country in a rush; i plan on staying in 6 countries for as long as I can afford (england, ireland, france, netherlands, germany, and norway) I plan on traveling very cheaply - no shopping sprees - only enough to see everything and survive.
1. Should I camp out(with a tent) or stay at hostlels? Comfort does not matter.
2. Do I have to make reservation for campsites or hostels
3. What is the cheapest way to get to Norway?
4. About how much would I spend in a day (food, citybuses, tours, bars)
5. is it worth it to sleep on trains?

I need all the advice I can get. Thank you for taking time to read my post - - -your reply will be appreciated very much!

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one the one important question .... how long?

for 2-3 months you will live well. U can afford hostels defienetly.

But yes you will need reservations for all these countries. Email ahead - is what i do. The best places anyway - will be booked - especially on the weekends. In London - try the Generator. In Dublin - Avalon house. 2 really good hostels.

You are goin to expensive countries - England, Norway esp. - but your cheap budget should stretch your 6000USD well into the fall months.
I usually budget 2,000 a month. plan about 50-60 bucks a day.

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I definitely agree with Jeff :) And I really do think it's worth it to sleep on trains. It's 15 Euros a night (give or take) and you save the trouble of taking up valuable time to travel during the day. So you save money AND get to spend more time in a particular city. How great is that? ;)

And I do believe (you should double check) that Eurail covers Norway. There's a ferrie from Denmark to Norway. It was like that last year, but like I said, double check. Their website is . If you want to save time, check out for budget airline fares, but if you don't care, they just go by Eurail, because it's covered under your pass. (I suggest that you get a pass because it saves so much money!)

Also, just a little tip, it might be cheaper for you to fly with Air Transat to France and then take Easy Jet to London. I believe the site is but google it if that doesn't work. Air Transat is a lot cheaper than a large commercial airline like, let's say, British Airways.

Hope that helps!

Katie ;)

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Norway is definatelly the most expensive country in your list , specially if you plan to drink. Oslo to bergen takes around 6 hours by train, and If you are in norway I'd advise you to go to bergen, it is very pretty, if you go there take a norway in a nutshell trip( aka Flam railway 0 it is a day trip. For air travel I would try ryanair,
if you book in advance you can get a ticket for as low as 1 GBP if you are lucky, but the cost around 30 GBP, and it serves europe quite well.

Good luck with your trip, Pam