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It depends on what you're into, but here are a few suggestions from a local's perspective...You may not have heard of these places, but trust me, they are up there with the best parts of Sydney.

1. Pittwater/Palm beach ( catch a bus from Wynyard or Central Station ). It is the most northern point of Sydney. There is a light house on the headland at Palm Beach, if you're feeling fit, you could walk up to the light house and prepare yourself for one of the most breath taking views Sydney has to offer. In my opinion, it looks a bit like the Greek Islands. The walk up will take about 40 min approx.

2. Catch the train out to Parramatta ( 30 min trip from Central Station )walk to the River cat wharf ( 10-15 minute walk from Parramatta Station . Catch the River cat along the entire length of the Parramatta River. The river eventually becomes the Sydney Harbour and you can finish your trip back at Circular Quay. This will give you an entirely different perspective of Sydney. The trip goes for about 50 minutes. The first 10 minutes of the ferry trip is industrial and fairly average, but after that it is beautiful. The ferry trip will cost about $7.00 one way.

3.Go to Doyles at Watsons Bay. If you love sea food, do yourself a huge favour and catch the bus to Watsons Bay. Doyles is Sydney's most famous seafood restaurant, plus the setting is beautiful.

4. You can do a walk from the southern end of Bondi Beach, all the way around to Coogee Beach. It'll take about an hour if you walk consistently. It's a beautiful walk around the coastal fringe and you can catch the bus back to the city from Coogee. You can also do the walk starting at Coogee Beach. Have a beer at the ‘Icebergs’ (at the southern end of Bondi Beach), then head around to the Beach Palace Hotel at the northern end of Coogee beach ( drop in for a drink at the beer garden located in the Coogee bay Hotel as well ). Icebergs and the Beach Palace offer great views across both beaches from their balconies.

5. Catch a bus down to Balmain (15 min trip from the city) Balmain has nice pubs, cafe's and restaurants.

6. Go to the Jenolan Caves. Book a day tour which covers the Blue Mountains and the Jenolan Caves. The caves are located about 3 hours west of Sydney.

7. Do the ‘Spit’ to Manly walk (catch a bus there). It’s about a 3 hour walk around the edge of the harbour. Go for a walk at Manly beach then catch the ferry back to the city.

8. Go abseiling, horse riding, rock-climbing, canyoning, adventure caving or hire a mountain bike up in the Blue Mountains. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Australia to do these types of activities. People are doing themselves a huge disservice if they only go the Blue Mountains for a day, the place is beautiful.

9. Check out different markets around Sydney:

  • Glebe markets
  • Bondi beach markets
  • Balmain markets
  • Rocks markets
  • Paddington markets

10. Catch the train down to Cronulla beach ( south Sydney/about 45 min on a train ) to lap up a great local’s beach.

11. Go to Newport Arms at Pittwater on a Sunday afternoon, sit in the beer garden and just chill chill chill. Another local’s favourite place. You’ll have to catch the bus up from Wynyard station (ask the driver where to jump off).

12. Hire a sea kayak down near the Spit Bridge.

13. Go sailing at Middle Harbour.

14. Catch a train up to Brooklyn (Hawkesbury River/ 1 hour north of Sydney) get on the little boat that takes you over to Hook Island. Go for a walk on Hook Island and just enjoy being up there.

15. Round up 10 people from your hostel; hire a houseboat on the Hawkesbury River for two days and a night. Beautiful.

16. Head down to Newtown ( 5 minute from central station on the train ), walk along King st, great shops, pubs, cafes and food to die for…especially Thai food. Newtown is a bit like the ‘Camden Town’ of Sydney.

17. If you want to visit Vietnam whilst in Sydney, catch a train out to Cabramatta (45 min on the train south west Sydney), great Asian food. Practically everyone down there hails from Asia or are first generation Aussies.
18. Go on a harbour party cruise at night time or day time. These are damn good fun.

19. For a mind blowing day out, go to a rodeo!

20. Hire some roller blades and go rollerblading along the esplanade at manly Beach

There's many many more things you can do in Sydney, but coupled with the 'usual sights' of Sydney, you're destined to have a fantastic time.

If you want to know anything else, let me know.



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wow sounds great f you could just write such helpful guides to the rest of aus id love u for ever not sure the locals will like u giving away there secrets i live in cornwall a tourist hotspot and i know my opinion (bloody emits)

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It's all good Jenko2! It would be cool for visitors to Sydney to get out to some of the better parts of our fair city. It's easy to do and cost-effective as well. Just jump on a bus and away you go. There is a well worn path between all of our known icons and usual haunts but theses places make up only a fraction of Sydney. Ofcourse they're worthy of a visit though. Sydney stretches about 60km to the west, to the north and to the south. The geographical centre is Parramatta. We also have a tonne of big dumb shopping malls but hey, if you like your American styled Mall head out to the 'burbs for your fix of commercial shopping madness. Catch a bus out to Castle Hill and go to Castle Towers or the train out to Parramatta and go to Westfields. I'm fairly sure there's some people in these big malls that entered the doors in 1987 and still haven't found their way out. They are bloody HHHUUUUUGE!

Here's some made up statistics: 1% of visitors to Sydney experience 99% of Sydney and 99% of visitors experience 1% of Sydney. So find a horse and head for the sunset

Cheers, Big Beers!


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cheers wonderbus i am looking forward to seeing all of your citie and probably none of your shopping centres if u ever come to my great kernow then i will try to give you a full insiders view
cheers sarah

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Thanks for all that info Wonderbus much appreciated I'm travelling round OZ then moving to Sydney for 3 years so very much looking forward to taking in all of the sights and experiences

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No worries Spanner....Good luck on your travels around Oz, you'll have a blast. Plus Sydney is a great place to live for three years. You'll be a convert by the end of it, you'll be Aussiefied and Sydneyfied. It happens to the best of 'em.

If you need anymore tips when you get to Sydney just send and email. ;)



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Your list looks awesome, thanks for the advice, i will be working in sydney next year so its great to know all these things i can do on my days off :)

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Landing in Brisbane Dec.02 to spent 2 months, rented a motorhome. will be spending a week orf more in Sydney. Were is a good place to park the RV close so we can get to a bus or train. WE are retired and walking to far in not an option.
Thanks Capt. Jim

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Quoting decklin

Your list looks awesome, thanks for the advice, i will be working in sydney next year so its great to know all these things i can do on my days off :)

No worries Vicky. All the activities listed are easily accessible by public transport and quite cheap too. For further information on each activity, just google the place I've mentioned and you should be able to find out information in even more detail.

The public transport line is: 131 500 ( within Oz ) and the url is easy: .That has it all in regards to public transport in Sydney.

I'll think of of a few more things you can do and I'll post 'em soon.


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Just south of Sydney ( about 1 hour ) you've got Stanwell Park where you can go tandem hang gliding. You'll be treated to some of the best views on the New South Wales coastline, a few minutes further south is a really nice coast road. There's one particular section they've just spend millions upgrading the road.It hugs the cliff on one side and winds its way high above the the waves which smash again the rocks below. There is a nice little town called Thirroul around this area, which has a nice pub and and has a nice holiday feel to it. I was down here just a few weeks ago and loved it. I hadn't been down to this area since 1999 and could see a significant change to area in terms of how much it has been revamped. There are heaps of little beaches around this area, it's only about 1.5 hours south on Sydney on the train ( get off at Thirroul )or 1 hour drive from the cbd. It's so close yet so far away. There's a really cool little camping spot right on the beach ( I think it's Coledale Beach?? )

A bit further south ( driving ) is the Nan Tein temple. This is a buddhist temple where you can go and check out for a few hours, stay over night or a few days. Google the word Nan Tien and Wollongong, that should get you more info. The temple is massive.

Another beautiful spot ( 1.5 -2 hrs by car )south of Sydney is Kangaroo Valley. This is an awesome place to hire a canoe and go for a good paddle down the river. Easily one of the best places in New South Wales to do this. You can camp down there near the river or hire a cabin.

Get a few people together from your hostel to keep costs down, hire a car and go south for a day or 2. It's so close and so nice. There's an incredible amount to see in and around Sydney and millions of people a year miss theses areas because they haven't heard or know about these places. It's hard to get people to go to a place they haven't heard of before, but if you make the effort, you'll be nicely surprised. You'll be going to places where us locals head to for a day out or for a short break from the city. Every time I've taken visitors from overseas to the places I've just mentioned, they've been reluctant to go, but when they get down there, they were very happy they went. Enjoy.

Happy Trails