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Good day

Right first off i will explain the situation I am in.

Well....I am 18years old and working in admin withing the planning department and working at Telford adn Wrekin council in Shropshire, England. And that is pretty good experince for someone of my age and not bad money either since it is office work. I been there for 18months and my girfriend mum is moving to Oz next year. She is a mental health nurse and she has been accpeted and has the visa. She is sorted. And my girlfriend can go over on that visa. And her Mum said she don't mind me moving over there with them. So that means living accomadtion will be sorted for me. But obvioulsy what my problem is that I can't see any reason why Australia would accept me, I'm not sure that i have a job which can benefit them. I know the country needs trade but office work for an 18year old could be very unlikely for me.

This is a great chance for me to move over there. I defo would perfer to live in Oz than UK. And I just hope there is any help/guidance you can give me. It would be very much appraecaited.

Just also i don't really wanna break up with my girfriend and plus she don't wanna leave me and said she will stay in the UK with me. But i don't really wanna ruin her chance either.

Sorry for the essay


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Hi Adam,
Good luck to you mate, I can see why you want to go and live in Oz.
I don't have direct experience, so can't advise, but I'm sure others will contribute some real advice. Maybe you'll have to go over on a 1-year working holiday visa initially and see how it goes from there, but you are plenty young enough to look forward to going and find a way to do it, so be positive.
Anyway, you can always get married once your girlfriend gets residency !

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Thanks mate.

So this marraige how long does she have to live there before I can marry her and well live there?

Anyone else who can give me some advice it would be so grateful


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As Stevie says go over on a 1-year working holiday visa then perhaps look at studying or training to get some skills that are useful both to you and to the country. If you get a student visa you can work 20 hours a week so you can support yourself. You're only 18 mate so studying now is your best option. Australia also has a trade skills training visa so if you go to Australia and take on an apprenticeship you can stay in Oz for the 3-4 years of the apprenticeship. All of the trades (plumbing, building, bricklaying, electrician, chef etc etc are on the Migration Occupations in Demand List right now so at the end of your apprenticeship you'll cruise into permanent residency. And as a tradesman you'll earn excellent wages because you'll be in high demand. There's no future in working in a council office unless you have aspirations to be the Mayor.

There's only one reason we introduced the trade skills training visa and that's because not enough Aussies are taking on apprenticeships.

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So i could go over there on that visa. But first will i need to sort out a place where they will accpet me first? And plus i have no experincene what so ever in any trade. Does that matter?

Thanks for the replies. Really need this good advice


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You can get the trade skills training visa in Australia. My advice is to go on a working holiday visa then once you get here start looking for an apprenticeship. Obviously you have to firt decide what you want to do Adam, then go looking. There are new apprentice centers all over Australia and websites that advertise for apprentices. Whoever decides to take you on has to be approved by the government to take on a non-citizen as an apprentice then once that happens you get your visa. Its not a particuarly difficult process; the hardest part is deciding to do it and taking that all important first step in the right direction.

"If you don't know where you are going any road will take you there".

That's a line from the Koran, a good one I think.

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Thank you.

But for this holiday visa. Would i need to get a job before i move or say i had enough money in the bank would that be fine? I do have a roof to live under so would that help? But i just though you need a job in like retail before you move. And how would you get round doing that if so.

Thanks again


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You don't need to have a job sorted before you go out there, but on a working holiday visa you can only get certain jobs ie barwork and general non-professional jobs (if I am wrong please correct me). But that may be ideal for you as you'd only want something like that while looking for an apprenticeship.

Obviously you'll go into the country with a one-way ticket, so all you need to do is prove to them that you have enough money in your bank account to buy a ticket back to the UK, but as you have a working holiday visa I'm not sure this will apply to you (I know however it does apply to those on a tourist visa). Go to for exact information though.

Hope this helps!! :) anna xx

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Thank you thank you.

I got one more thing which i have missed out. I have a record when i got in trouble with the police. But it is not a crimnal record it is something which will get cleard at 21. Will this bother much?

So to sum it all up i can go on a holiday visa and look for a company doing an apprticeship in trade. Then i got to be accpeted by the government and then i spend 4years in oz then can become perm resident to Oz. Is that about right?

Correct me if i am wrong please.

Many Thanks


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There's no bar on the type of work you can do on a working holiday visa, its the duration that's capped: 6-months in one job. You won't normally be knocked back with a criminal record unless its for serious crime (ie 12 months in Jail). As for the marriage: doing it for a visa is the oldest trick in the book. Having said that she is your girlfriend so it would be a genuine and caring relationship.