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I am a 24 year old Belgian who is currently working and living in Northern Ireland. After two years in the country, I feel like it is time for a new challenge. As I've always been very fascinated by the north, I'd love to move to Scandinavia.

I have been searching a job over the internet through many sites, and sent my CV around to many hotels. None of them reactived positively though. Main problem is that I don't speak Norwegian very well. I do speak 4 languages (Dutch, English, French, German) and was hoping this could help to get into Norway. Once I'm in the country, I will probably learn the language soon enough, but getting in is the main problem.
I so far worked in three callcenters, so I have lot of experience in customer support. I wouldn't mind working in a different type of job, like hotels or tourism industry.

What I wanted to ask: I was thinking of going to Norway for a week soon, to do some active jobhunting. I hear conflicting things now, some say employment chances in Norway are very good, others (including someone from AETAT) say it is very difficult for someone who doesn't speak the language. So do you think it is realistic to find a job within that week, or would I better not make the efford because it will probably not work out?

Should maybe add: the city of dreams for me is Tromsø, but also Trondheim, Kirkenes, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Drammen or Longyearbyen would be of interest to me.

Thanks in advance for advice!

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Regarding jobs in the travel industry (hotels, bars, ...) this may be the best time of the year to go ask around? because maybe they're all recruiting extra staff for the busy tourist season now??

Anyway, I doubt to either chase this dream or the Middle Eastern dream, but I think regardless which one I choose that this is the best time of the year to go asking around and find many vacancies.

I will depend on if one of the people I know there is prepared to offer a spare bed for a week though, as I unfortunately don't have the money to do a B&B for a week and then pay an expensive move if the jobhunt is succesful. So hopefully one of the people I know is prepared to help out with a roof and a bed for a week so that I just have the flight to pay to go applying and asking around...

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Hi there!
Cant really help you very much, but have you tried these sites;

Anyway, since you speake so many languages, maby you could get a job as a tour guide. Plenty of them around in the summer.
Good luck, if you deside to go for it.